Biden's 'Patriotic' Mask Mandate Didn't Apply When He Met 90 Year-Old Former POTUS


President Joe Biden appears to have one set of mask rules for others and another set for himself.

After going so far as labeling mask-wearing as a “patriotic responsibility,” frantically searching for a mask after giving an outdoor speech and calling his actions “extra precautions,” Biden appeared maskless in a Carter Center photo taken with 96-year-old former President Jimmy Carter and 93-year-old former first lady Rosalynn Carter earlier this week.

Though the mask controversy continues despite the development of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-recommended COVID-19 vaccines, we continue to see even more displays of insanity surrounding their use.

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In one instance, Vice President Kamala Harris was seen exchanging a kiss with second gentleman Doug Emhoff while masked up, even though the couple is fully vaccinated.

In another recurring instance, Biden continues to wear masks outside despite CDC guidelines suggesting they are not necessary for those who have been vaccinated and are not in close proximity with others.

Do you believe Biden's mask narrative promotes a double standard?

The Hill reported last week that the president and first lady Jill Biden were seen walking side-by-side to Marine One while fully masked. No one else was around.

What’s even more interesting? Both Bidens have been fully vaccinated, as well.

After hearing so much about the coronavirus for over a year, it’s safe to say we know much more about highly at-risk age groups than we did before the pandemic caught much traction in the United States.

“The greatest risk for severe illness from COVID-19 is among those aged 85 or older,” according to the CDC.

Still, regardless of exact age, the rule of thumb is that older adults bear an increased risk for suffering dangerous side effects — and even death — if contracting COVID-19.

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Biden himself is 78 years old and the first lady isn’t too far behind at 69 years old, meaning that everyone in The Carter Center’s photo falls within highly at-risk age groups, especially the former president and former first lady.

So, what happened here? Did the Bidens simply forget to wear their masks? Did the Carters allow them to take off their masks while visiting?

Considering the photo doesn’t uphold the almost propagandist mask standard the Biden-Harris administration maintains, this proves damaging to their narrative.

The New York Post reported on Biden’s 30-second frantic struggle to search for a mask following his outdoor Georgia rally last week. A Sky News Australia video showed Biden saying he’d be “in trouble” without it, despite being fully vaccinated — proving yet again that none of his displays of “caution” make sense.

Its safe to assume some disregard of the mask standard occurred with the Biden-Carter photo, especially considering Biden is often quick to mask up for show.

Then again, it could be another example of “rules for thee, but not for me.”

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