Bill Maher Goes Scorched Earth on Cancel Culture, Gives Out 'Cojones' Awards to Culture Warriors


A post-Trump world has brought about an entertaining level of exposure to “social justice warriors” and their mentally deranged causes.

The SJWs who support “cancel culture” have garnered such infamy among the populace that even leftist talking heads like Bill Maher have addressed their reviled existence.

Maher recently garnered attention with the introduction of a new “award” segment on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” according to the New York Post.

Due to the particularly graphic and lewd nature of this video, The Western Journal will not link or embed to it.

“How do we take a stand against cancel culture?” Maher asked at the start of his segment.

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Maher continued, “I suggested, since we were all mostly in show business, that we start an award show to honor the brave people who have fought back.”

Maher was met with his usual pretentious, echo-chamber of applause.

“Well, I got to tell you, the idea was met with great enthusiasm by everyone, and in short order, different people were suggesting the ways that their varied talents could be put to use. And then of course, being Hollywood, nothing happened,” Maher joked.

“But it’s still a good idea, so I’m going to do it right here, right now, and not only that, we’re going to do it every year. Ladies and gentlemen, you know the Emmys, you know the Grammys, you know the Tonys, now say hello to the Cojones!” continued Maher in a course reference to male genitalia.

Did you agree with Maher’s picks for the "Cojones" awards?

The segment then cut to a satirical spoof-like introduction to the Oscars, which presented a pair of brass, male genitals as the award trophy in lieu of a golden Oscar statue. “Honoring outstanding achievement in growing a pair,” a woman narrated the introduction.

The camera then cut back to Maher, who served as the “master of ceremonies.”

“Thank you, and welcome to the Cojones. I’m your master of ceremonies, and if you’re triggered by the word ‘master,’ you’re in the wrong room,” Maher jested.

Maher continued, “Tonight, we present [awards] to the individuals and organizations who others have tried to silence and who answered, ‘That’s not a rule. F*** you.'”

Maher presented the first satirical award to the president of Cornell, Martha Pollack (where Maher claimed he attended) for her refusal to require trigger warnings to be issued to students before lectures.

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Maher stated, “[S]he didn’t cave in or hire a new ‘Dean of Sensitivity.’ She just said ‘No, colleges is for introducing you to new ideas, not for kissing you a** and making you feel wonderful and always right. You’re thinking of brunch with your parents.”

Maher then sarcastically pivoted to the next award recipient.

He stated, “Our next award goes to the place where many Cornell grads will be working next year, Trader Joe’s.”

Maher expounded upon an absurd complaint by an anonymous Twitter user who complained about their use of the Hispanic label “Trader José’s” for a line of beer — which allegedly led to a petition against the business, according to the New York Times.

Maher released a flurry of expletives in reference to Trader Joe’s refusal to bow to the woke mob and then quoted the official Trader Joe’s response, which said, “We disagree that any of these labels are racist, and we do not make decisions based on petitions.”

Maher also went on to award Netflix and Ben Stiller for their similar displays of standing up to woke mobs and their mindless petitions for capitulation.

“And the lesson is, if you stand up to the mob for just a day or two, their shallow, impatient, immature smartphone-driven gerbil minds will forget about it and go on to the next nothing-burger, and you, you still will have your cojones,” Maher concluded.

While Maher is far from an ally of conservatives and Christians, it was refreshing to see a devoted leftist turn on the absurdity that has become the militant social justice movement in this country.

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