Blue-City Horror Continues: Teen Girl Killed Less Than 24 Hours Into New Year


The Democrat-run city of Baltimore continues to be a killing field, with yet another senseless murder marring the crime-infested liberal cesspool just hours into the new year.

Baltimore police are investigating the first homicide of 2023 after a double shooting early Sunday resulted in the death of a 17-year-old girl and injured a 31-year-old man, WMAR-TV reported.

D’Asia Garrison was hit by gunfire shortly before 3:30 a.m. on New Year’s Day and later died at the hospital, according to WJZ-TV.

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Last year, Baltimore topped 300 homicides for the eighth year in a row, making the dubious milestone the norm and not a passing trend.

• 2022 — 334
• 2021 — 338
• 2020 — 335
• 2019 — 348
• 2018 — 309
• 2017 — 342
• 2016 — 318
• 2015 — 342

The Maryland city has had a Democratic mayor since 1967, during which time it has become dirtier, poorer and more dangerous.

Is there law and order in Baltimore?

Schools are failing, and crime is so rampant that even TV shows have been forced to shut down filming because conditions are too dangerous for crew members.

This tragic devolution is mirrored in other Democrat-controlled cities, such as Detroit (once the richest city in the world), St. Louis, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Chicago.

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In 2021, the situation had gotten so out of control that Baltimore business owners sent a scathing letter to Democratic leaders, threatening to withhold taxes unless they empowered police to do their jobs amid a terrifying crime wave.

The threat apparently fell on deaf ears, as the city ended 2021 with a staggering 338 homicides — and the slaughter continued last year.

Unfortunately, this alarming trend of escalating inner-city crime shows no signs of abating.

What’s especially infuriating is that despite this threat to public safety, Democrats continue to incentivize violence nationwide with their soft-on-crime policies.

In Arizona, makeshift walls that outgoing Republican Gov. Doug Ducey had constructed to deter the daily barrage of illegal aliens are now being dismantled at the behest of the Biden administration.

Contrary to the laughable left-wing narrative that illegal aliens are would-be physicians, scientists and engineers, many are dangerous felons.

No nation can survive if its leaders actively undermine public safety, economic stability and national security.

The United States is buckling under the weight of unfettered illegal immigration, escalating crime and race-baiting policies that are tearing its residents apart. It is long past time to stem this senseless self-immolation.

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