Cop Impersonator Forced to Face the Music When He Pulls Over Real Officer


This is an example of a bad idea gone worse. As you read the tale of Brandon Freeman you’ll be wondering — do some people just have bad luck or is it that the universe has a sense of humor?

Freeman thought he’d ring in the new year by performing a bit of community service in Tulare, California.

He was out on New Year’s Day when he pulled over a driver around 11:45 p.m.

Here’s the thing though, Freeman is not a police officer. The person he pulled over, though, was.

Freeman had been cruising the streets in his Buick when he spotted the “criminal.”

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He had a red light in the car and started to flash it while signaling the other driver to pull over.

“I don’t think so” was the reaction of that other driver, a police sergeant who was off-duty at the time.

Rather than pull over, he radioed the situation.

Freeman was nothing if not persistent, and continued his pursuit. The sergeant continued driving though, leading Freeman to where there were some other, real police officers waiting for him.

Freeman was pulled over and arrested for impersonating a police officer. There was also a passenger who happened to have a couple of warrants out for him, and so he was taken into custody as well.

As you face-palm over this, you might be surprised to know that this is actually a somewhat common occurrence.

It seems like every few years we get a story of someone getting arrested because they tried to arrest an actual police officer.

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Are these people just acting out childhood dreams of being policemen? Or is their goal something more nefarious?

While each case probably stands on its own, the one constant is the thread of poetic justice.

That these people who perhaps long to see the inside of a police car from the front seat, do get to see it, just from the back.

Have you ever heard of this happening in any other profession? Firefighter? Baker? Cobbler?

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