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Dad Helps Deliver Baby on 7/11 in 7-Eleven Parking Lot: Parents Gifted with 7 Years of Special Drink


When Allie Sayers of West Virginia made her birth plan for her third child due in July, it involved a planned cesarean section — but no one told the baby that, and he had his own plans.

Sayers, 24, already had two children: Aliannah, 7, and Bryson, 5. Her first birth was difficult and her second ended with an emergency C-section, so she scheduled another C-section for July 13.

But on July 11, little Waylon decided it was time. Sayers woke her fiancé Chase Bush, 27, and told him it was go time.

The whole family piled into the SUV and headed for the hospital, but it became quite clear that they weren’t going to make it. Chase pulled the car into the parking lot of a 7-Eleven, called 911 and became a spur-of-the-moment midwife.

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Chase had a 911 operator on the phone, but said he was coping well with the birth on his own. He even quickly handled the situation when he discovered Waylon’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, according to his sister, Ambra Bush.

“My brother is in construction — he had no clue what he was doing,” Ambra told Fox News. “He called 911 and said he looked over to help her [his wife-to-be] and saw the baby’s head.

“He unwrapped the baby’s cord. Everything is fine. Waylon is OK. [The] 911 [operator] was trying to help guide him, but he was like, ‘I already did it.'”

After the adrenaline of the moment was over and the situation hit him, Ambra — in true sister fashion — also revealed that her brother had a moment: “He did throw up after.”

Chase wasn’t the only one reeling. Aliannah and Bryson had witnessed the entire thing too, and the young boy seemed shocked by the ordeal.

“Bryson had a stunned looked on his face,” Chase reportedly told Ambra.

Mom and baby were taken to the hospital and discharged two days later.

It was Ambra, though, who alerted them to the significance of the event.

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“My brother didn’t even realize [the date] was 7/11,” Ambra said. “He said, ‘I just delivered your nephew.’

“I said, ‘You do realize the date?’ He just started laughing and was like, ‘Wow!’”

Since the news got to 7-Eleven, they decided to commemorate the unusual birth with recognition of their own. A photo of the message “It’s a boy” on their signage has been circulating online, and the company blessed the family with several very-relevant gifts.

“It’s a 7-Eleven miracle!” the company released in a statement, according to Fox News. “On Monday, July 11, otherwise known as 7-Eleven’s 95th birthday, Allie Sayers, with the help of her fiancé, Chase Bush, gave birth in a West Virginia 7-Eleven parking lot. Baby Waylon now shares a birthday with the convenience store retailer — just another reason why July 11 is the best day of the year!

“To celebrate this serendipitous event, 7-Eleven is gifting Allie and Chase with 7 years of FREE coffee to help them stay awake on their latest nights (or earliest mornings!).

“7-Eleven will also be gifting baby Waylon and his family with a care package filled with 7-Eleven + Slurpee branded items including onesies, diapers and other newborn essentials. Happy Belated Birthday, Waylon!”

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