Dad-to-Be Misses Ultrasound, Wife Surprises Him with News of Twins for Christmas


Pregnancy is always an exciting time for parents, new or experienced. The joy of new life and a new member of the family is a wonderful occasion to celebrate.

One of the most anticipated parts of pregnancy — other than birth, of course! — is the gender reveal. How will you decorate the nursery?

What names should you consider? Middle names?

This all comes about through an ultrasound, and ideally, the father can be present. But sometimes, life has other plans and gets in the way of being where you really want to be.

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For some reason or another, a father-to-be missed one of his wife’s early ultrasounds. It just so happened to be a momentous one.

His wife decided to surprise him with a Christmas gift in front of plenty of friends and family. That gift held the information he had missed at her ultrasound.

As he unwrapped it, the woman recording said, “So gently open it and read what’s on top.” He followed her instructions carefully.

He then started to read aloud. “Dear Daddy, I’m so excited to meet you and Mommy in a few months.

“But the most exciting part is that I’m not alone for the next eight months.” Someone interrupted and tried to correct him, claiming it said “I’m not done for the next eight months,” but he knew better.

He looked up at his wife and said, “we’re having twins.” He didn’t seem surprised at all, and considering that everyone started screaming that they called it, I can imagine why.

They then again told him to keep going, “take the thing off!” And he removed the top note and continued to dig through the box.

He looked up and said, “Oh my God.” It seems like it just sunk in as he repeated “We’re having twins.” This time with a more surprised, excited, and overall emotional tone.

This husband seemed entirely in shock at this point! He couldn’t even move from his seat and just let the hugs and ear-piercing screams wash over him.

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I’m not joking about the screams. All the women in the room burst out at once, so make sure you check your sound before playing the video below.


It’s so heartwarming to see videos of absolute joy like this. I can’t wait until I’m planning a nursery and picking names and having a gender reveal party.

This couple seems like they’re more than prepared with a loving support system to care for their new bundles of joy when they arrive. What an exciting time in their lives!

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