Dad Watches As Dog Blocks Toddler's Path to Sea, Records When He Realizes She's Protecting Her


Dogs have been specifically bred for different purposes, and while many breeds are primarily kept as house pets now, that’s not always what they were intended for.

Some dogs are bred to hunt. You can see it in the way they look at small, furry creatures or the way they stand stock-still and point at a bird.

Some dogs are bred to herd. They watch every move the animals and people around them make, and they try to usher groups in a particular direction.

Some dogs are bred to lie around and be cute. You know the type: they’re called lapdogs for a reason.

But even dogs that have been nothing but pets for generations can suddenly access their instincts for particular jobs, especially around the people they love.

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That’s what one dad captured on camera when he and his family were at the beach. It was a gray, overcast day, and the sea was a bit rough.

His dog, Yahtzee, a giant Schnauzer, is obviously nervous. She paces back and forth in front of the little girl playing in the waves.

With rip tides posing a very real threat at beaches, perhaps the dog knew something that dad couldn’t see.

“I had to get this on video,” said the dad filming, “where Yahtzee’s not allowing my daughter to go in the water, and she’s literally protecting her from the waves.”

But time and again, as the little girl tries to push past the dog and into deeper water, Yahtzee blocks her path, circles her, and attempts to force her back to dry land.

Many dogs avoid the water — or, if they’re fans, it’s usually only because they’re chasing a ball or stick into it. Otherwise, the water doesn’t have much of a draw.

Yahtzee wasn’t out there for the fun of it. She was very serious about keeping her human safe, and eventually, dad had to step in because there was no way the dog was going to let the little girl go any further into the water.

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“You’re making her nervous,” says an off-screen female. “She’s scared for you.”

The dad laughed as he watched his faithful pup continue to try to “protect” his daughter. His daughter tumbles under a wave, but his dog is right there to make sure she’s okay.

At the end of the clip, and after much vigilant herding, Yahtzee finally manages to head the young girl up the beach.

Giant Schnauzers were bred as all-purpose farm dogs, meant to protect the livestock and their people. Yahtzee definitely proved that she was a guardian!

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