Dad's Plan To Teach Trick-or-Treaters About Socialism Is Brilliant


Halloween means different things for different people. For some it is a pagan holiday to be avoided. For some it is pranks, candy and costumes.

But for one creative dad, it is a teaching moment. And the lesson is all about socialism, one of the current hot topics in the country.

California Republican U.S. House candidate Morgan Murtaugh shared her dad’s idea for teaching trick-or-treaters about the failed ideology on Twitter. She explained the simple concept involved using a scale and redistribution.

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“My dad wants to have a socialism project tonight and weigh kids candy bags with a scale,” she wrote. “If they weigh over a certain amount, we take their candy and redistribute it to the kids whose bags weigh less. It doesn’t matter how long or hard you’ve been trick-or-treating, fair is fair!”

There are those who suggest that such a thing, if truly done, would be monstrous. It would leave children crying and is unfair.

But isn’t that the point of the lesson? It isn’t fair and when implemented, people do end up crying.

Of course, others have joined in on the fun of teaching about socialism at a young age on a holiday that is all about “gimme.” The common theme in all of them is redistribution.

Donald Trump Jr. even joked about teaching a socialism lesson to his daughter last year. Some claimed he wasn’t teaching about socialism, but “sharing,” which is what kids are supposed to do.

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All jokes aside, what would the world be like if more parents, like Murtaugh’s dad and Trump Jr., taught their kids at a young age about socialism? Would there be as many leftists currently pushing for the United States to become socialist?

While it doesn’t involve taking away candy from trick-or-treaters, per se, another Halloween-themed socialism post has been making its way around Twitter, as well. And this one also teaches the lesson well, perhaps best suited for the kids too old to trick-or-treat now.

Turning Point USA at Louisiana State University has also taken advantage of Halloween to teach youth about the ills of socialism with their “Victims of Socialism Graveyard.” Their target audience is mostly college-age “kids.”

Turning Point USA held one last year, complete with informative signs. The real stats about real lives lost is haunting.

ZeroHedge wrote in 2015 about “the human cost of socialism in power.” The article noted that “Some historians have estimated that as many as 200 million people may have died as part of the dream of creating a collectivist ‘Paradise on Earth.’”

“Making a better ‘new world’ was taken to mean the extermination, the liquidation, the mass murder of all those that the socialist revolutionary leaders declared to be ‘class enemies,’ including the families, the children of ‘enemies of the people.’”

Do you believe kids should be taught about socialism?

So even though it may sound cruel to take candy away from kids at Halloween, the real cost to children when socialism is actually implemented is far more cruel … and even deadly. And that makes it all the more important to teach children, at every age, about what socialism really is and the true cost that comes with it.

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