Businessmen: Protect Our Border!


Many wealthy businessmen favor open borders because cheap labor can make them richer. You know who these guys are; I don’t have to name names.

They know that many illegal immigrants do not share our values and our culture, and they know that many come from societies with astronomical crime rates and rampant terrorism, but they think they are immune from such concerns. They can’t be touched by street crime and urban chaos.

Why? Because they think money can buy them safety. They think they can protect themselves and their families from crime and chaos by living on private estates, or in gated communities. But they are wrong. Tall fences and armed guards won’t make them safe forever. That stuff only works in the short term, perhaps for a generation or so.

In the long term, over the course of many generations, what really protects you from violence isn’t an armed guard, it is the culture you live in. If that culture fosters self-control, moderation and a belief in the rule of law you can achieve security. But if the culture doesn’t support those things a guy 10 feet from you can turn your American Dream into a nightmare.

If the guy 10 feet away is angry, and if he embraces violence, and if he is ready to break the law, an armed guard will not be able to protect you — not every time. Remember, even billionaires have to leave their estates once in a while. Even they have to walk down a city block here or there, or take an elevator, or drive on a public street.

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What protects them then? A lonely armed guard? No, it isn’t the presence of an armed guard that protects a billionaire walking on Park Avenue. What protects him is the fact that the 100 people he will pass in the street are not prone to violence. If they were, his one or two armed guards wouldn’t stand a chance.

Want proof? Look at Mexico and Western Europe, two societies where the rule of law is crumbling. Indeed, Mexico is already well on its way to becoming a totally lawless society, if it isn’t there already. With mayors, judges and police chiefs being shot daily, and kidnappings up dramatically, wealthy Mexicans are buying homes in the U.S. because they want a landing zone in a safer society.

As one report in The New York Times put it, they are “seeking a safe haven for themselves and their families, away from the threats of kidnapping, ransom and even murder that are routinely directed at wealthy Mexicans.” And that was in 2007. The violence has certainly not decreased since then.

And what about Western Europe? The Eiffel Tower now has bulletproof glass walls. Germany has suffered violence at Christmas Markets in both Strasbourg and Berlin. Eight people were killed and another 48 injured in an attack on the London Bridge. And in Barcelona, Spain, an immigrant by the name of Younes Abouyaaqoub killed 14 people and injured 130 in another attack.

Who is doing this? Who is causing this chaos? Is it old line Berliners or retired Spaniards? Of course not. All of these attacks, and many more, were caused by Western Europe’s “open borders” policy. It’s true that open borders can make you money — but for heaven’s sake, look at the price.

So here is my advice to wealthy businessmen: If you really want to protect your children and grandchildren you must protect our American culture — the culture that embraces law, moderation, self-control and respect for others. If you open the floodgates to people who do not share those values our culture will die.

And when that culture dies, your money will not protect you. You can hire plenty of armed guards, but how many of them will be willing to sacrifice their own lives to save yours? Think about that. You will learn that number very quickly — once the bullets really start to fly.

If you want security your task is simple. Save our culture, YOUR culture. Keep our borders strong and protect the stable and safe America that enabled you to make your millions. That is the best gift you can give your grandchildren. Safety and stability. Those are much more valuable than extra profits. Much more valuable by far.

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Mike Weinberger is a retired attorney and businessman who served as president of the Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society in New York City in the 1980s. He now lives in Louisiana, where he founded the Home Defense Foundation ( and co-founded the Committee for a Common Sense Judiciary (