Deer Trapped after Falling Through Ice, Rescuers Work to Save Him from Frozen Water


With winter season still ongoing, states like Colorado are experiencing their usual snowy weather. These cold conditions can be like a beautiful winter wonderland.

Other times, it is a winter nightmare. The thing is, ice is a major issue during this time of year.

Frozen lakes and rivers are sometimes hard to detect, and, in the blink of an eye, you could become victim to the icy water that lies beneath. For wildlife, it happens quite often.

Take for instance this most recent rescue story involving the West Metro Fire Rescue team in Lakewood, Colorado.

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In a Facebook post, they said they were contacted by local animal control Sunday, Jan. 21.

The call concerned a deer that got trapped after falling through ice out in the Main Reservoir. A compilation of photos displayed how the rescue turned out.

Divers were sent out to save the animal from the frozen water. When they arrived, the deer was actually “standing in the water, but too tired to move.”

Through great tactics, they eventually saved the animal from the frigid water.

They wrote, “The team broke a path through the ice, grabbed onto an antler and then guided the deer back to shore, where he warmed up in Lakewood Police Department’s animal control van.”


Rescuers were accommodating enough to give their new friend a warm blanket. Surprisingly, the animal seemed quite comfortable around his rescuers.

Images of the deer sitting in the vehicle tickled a few Facebookers.

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“He looks like he’s just sitting in the van enjoying himself,” one person said.

“He knew you were trying to help him,” another wrote. “Pretty happy boy.”

What was even more impressive is that West Metro Fire Rescue helped this animal amid all the sleet and snow.

Like one person said, “Thank you for all you do especially in bad weather!!!”

This deer couldn’t be more fortunate. If his rescue put a smile on your face, make sure to share it with family and friends.

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