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Family Comes Home to Sliding Glass Door Completely Shattered, Finds Goat Sleeping in Bathroom


When an Ohio teen arrived home from school in early October 2019, he noticed two things that were not normal: the family dog was outside and the sliding glass door in the back of the house had been shattered.

Concerned that someone had broken in, he called his mother as he began searching through the house, despite an off-putting odor.

Soon he realized that a person hadn’t broken in after all — a goat had.

Logan Keathley first saw the large male goat asleep in a bathroom inside the home.

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“Only me,” Logan’s mother, Jennifer Keathley, told the Ashland Times-Gazette. “Who ever expects to get a phone call from your kid that there’s a goat in the house?”

After the goat rammed through the glass door, it roamed around the house — apparently urinating as it explored.

“He said, ‘It smells funky in here,'” Jennifer told The Dodo.

“He found the goat in the bathroom and ran back outside yelling, ‘Nope, nope, nope!’ Imagine that phone call!”

She reported the bizarre and hilarious incident to the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office, but once officers arrived at the house they had to reach out to animal control and the local Humane Society for advice.

The officers were able to eventually able to coax the goat out of the home, but it took some ingenuity.

“It took them a few hours to get him out,” Keathley said. “Tried luring him out and talking nicely for a long time. They were very gentle with him.”

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Eventually, they were able to trap the goat inside a dog crate.

Jennifer posted about the mysterious goat on several local Facebook pages in hopes of finding the owner.

Soon a man named Andrew Wilkins came forward to claim the goat — named “Big Boy” — and said the animal had traveled over 3 miles before breaking and entering into the Keathleys’ home.

“He’s never done anything like that before,” Watkins told the Ashland Times-Gazette. “I think he was drinking too much that night. I’m really sorry it happened but there wasn’t much I could do. I wasn’t there.”

Jennifer said her homeowners insurance wouldn’t cover the damage, because while it would cover damage done by bears or deer, it didn’t cover goat damage.

Thankfully most of the damage was confined to the back door area and Watkins said his livestock insurance should cover it.

“My house definitely smells like a goat farm,” Jennifer added. “But there’s nothing you can do but laugh.”

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