Famous Celebrity Adopts Rescue Donkey and Emu That Refused To Be Separated


Some of the best friendships are the most unlikely. For Diane the emu and Jack the donkey, that’s certainly the case.

Both of them were abandoned, left to fend for themselves by their owner. Fortunately, they were taken into the caring hands of the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.

The rescue began to grow concerned when they realized just how bonded this unlikely couple was. The two stuck by each other’s sides and clearly preferred their own company to anyone else’s.

Who in the world would be willing to take on not only one but two critters with different needs? Apparently, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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Morgan, known for his role in “The Walking Dead,” apparently has a much softer side than his character on the show would lead you to believe. In fact, he and his wife Hilarie Burton have a farm in New York where they tend to many content critters.

Are you surprised that these two unlikely friends have an incredible bond?
When Morgan read the story about the two unlikely friends, he made an offer on Twitter: “Hey there… read the story,” he wrote, “if you are looking for a forever home for jack and diane? Happy to take them, and keep them together at our farm. They would be a welcome addition to our menagerie of happy creatures. Xojd”

His offer was accepted, and it wasn’t long before the donkey and the emu were loaded up and driven to their new home.

“Loading up the trailer with our super star donkey emu team,” the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue wrote on Dec. 4. “We loaded Jack first and Diane stayed near him looking concerned. Once he was out of sight she frantically drummed for him. She willingly loaded up and has settled down next to Jack.”

“We decided to leave in the wee hours so we can get them to their new home before lunch and have some good daylight time for them to get settled. Emus also travel better at night when it’s dark.”

“We will be on the road for the next couple of hours hours (sic) while Jack and Diane sleep. They will wake up and be at their new home with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton.

“We are excited and hope that everyone can keep up with Jack and Diane at their new home. Jeffrey frequently posts pictures of his farm and animals on social media.”

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After making the trek and getting the two settled in their new digs, the rescue posted on social media again to rave about the duo’s new owners and environment.

“Some pictures from today,” the rescue wrote on Facebook. “We just want to say that Jeffrey and Hilarie are amazing people. They were so hospitable to us today and it’s obvious the care and love that goes into the farm. Jack and Diane have the best of homes.”

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