Former CIA Officer Pushes for Terrorist Registry


Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright pushed for the creation of a terrorist registry on “Fox & Friends” on Friday, citing the death of his fellow operative Mike Spann.

John Walker Lindh, an American ex-Taliban fighter, is set to be released from prison after serving 17 years for killing Spann in Afghanistan, after the September 11 attacks.

Wright believes Lindh and other former terrorists should be tracked by the U.S. government upon their release.

“(Spann was) an amazing guy. He had three kids. A wonderful wife. And I guarantee you right now they are living through a nightmare knowing that this man could be back out on the streets without any kind of following by the government to ensure they know where he’s at and what he’s doing,” Wright said.

Wright claimed almost one-third of Gitmo detainees go back to fighting against America and said 75 more terrorists are due to be released into major U.S. cities by the year 2025.

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“Let’s take the case of some of the Gitmo detainees, a guy named Karawegi — he served his time in Gitmo, went back to Saudi Arabia, went through this de-radicalization program. They released him from that program and within days he goes to Yemen and joins the fight with Al Qaeda there,” he continued.

“We know that his case is not an odd or outlier example by the way. So we know about 30 percent of Gitmo detainees go on to join the fight once more. So that’s already bad.”

“The more horrifying point is that the U.S. government, we don’t know well which one of these detainees, whether it’s Walker Lindh or otherwise will be the 30 percent that goes back in the fight or 70 percent that stays straight as it were. So that’s the really terrifying part.”

Do you think a terrorist registry should be created?

“And on top of that Walker Lindh isn’t alone. We’ve got about 75 or more of these folks coming back online, coming back into our cities in New York and Tucson by 2025. So this is just the beginning. Walker Lindh is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Wright also said the government should follow terrorists for the same reason they follow sex offenders.

“We know that sexual offenders once they are re-released back into our communities, not only do we follow them but we do that because about 5 to 20 percent of these folks re-offend,” he said.

“So we want to make sure we know where all of them are at. But terrorists, we know that at least 30 percent of them re-offend.”

“So why wouldn’t we do something about this? Why wouldn’t we have this registry? It makes far too much sense,” Wright concluded.

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