Fox News Heads to Southern Border, Exposes What's Really Happening


The Biden administration’s border catastrophe is snowballing every day, as unvetted armies of illegal aliens flood the country amid a harrowing recession, media-stoked race wars and alarming crime spikes in Democrat-run cities.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin visited the Texas border this week and discovered that Border Patrol officials are so overwhelmed that illegal aliens don’t even bother to flee when they see the agents.

This is a stark contrast to migrant reactions when former President Donald Trump was in office.

Melugin showed a long line of illegal aliens who crossed the border and then casually got in line to seek asylum in the United States.

This attitudinal shift underscores that migrants no longer view their illegal border crossings as an unlawful infringement on a sovereign nation. Rather, they feel entitled to receive free shelter, health care, food and child care — all courtesy of American taxpayers.

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“What you don’t see here right now is Border Patrol, and that just shows how overstretched and overwhelmed Border Patrol is here in the Del Rio sector,” the reporter said. “This is not happening every day — it’s happening every hour.”

Melugin said the migrants will eventually be processed and released. Most will likely not return for their court dates and will fan out across the country.

He said local Border Patrol officials are currently averaging more than 700 apprehensions every day.

Does the Biden administration care about curbing illegal immigration?

Last week, officials recorded more than 5,000 apprehensions, according to Fox News. These record numbers far outpace the illegal border crossings during the Trump administration.

Obviously, that does not include the countless illegal aliens who don’t get caught because there are simply too many of them and not enough federal agents to enforce U.S. immigration laws.

Melugin pointed out that two local deputies were being forced to do the job of the federal government by processing scores of migrants because Border Patrol is stretched so thin right now due to the hourly siege of migrants.

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Officials say the migrant surges will get worse during the summer months.

While Democrats and their media puppets browbeat Americans to wear masks all day and get vaccinated and dictate how many family members you can invite to your Fourth of July barbecue, illegal aliens can trespass into your neighborhood without masks or vaccinations or having been tested for the coronavirus.

Border Patrol is not supposed to be babysitters for unaccompanied minor children, and yet that has been happening more frequently, thanks to the Biden administration’s refusal to stem the crisis.

Meanwhile, the White House continues to downplay or ignore the horrific humanitarian, public health and economic emergency it’s stoking.

Case in point: Vice President Kamala Harris still has not visited the border, despite having been assigned to manage it two months ago.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is suing the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and several other federal agencies for not doing enough to stem the migrant influx.

He said the Biden administration has inflamed the disaster by encouraging migrants to flood the country with reckless promises of taxpayer-funded free stuff.

“They’ve incentivized people coming over by dropping the public charge rule and giving all these government benefits, like housing and health care and child care to people,” Brnovich said in a statement.

“And they’re literally spending tens of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to house folks. And this has led to this crisis.”

Brnovich said the relentless siege is hurting the United States on multiple fronts by wasting taxpayer money, fueling crime surges in border states and endangering public safety when unvetted illegal aliens travel all over the country.

He warned that all of these dangers are creating a perfect storm for a near-term apocalyptic calamity.

“This is not only a crisis, it is going to be a tragedy. We are going to end up with a terrible event,” Brnovich said. “This is a nationwide problem, and it’s a ticking time bomb.”

If the U.S. didn’t have any homelessness, unemployment, poverty or waiting lists of legal immigrants waiting their turn to get into the country, then perhaps a lax border policy wouldn’t be so destructive.

But that simply is not the case in America today.

Adding mass illegal immigration on top of the media-stoked race wars and crime rampages is a recipe for a nationwide implosion. But maybe that’s the goal of those who support these dangerous left-wing policies.

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