Girl Ditches Work, Drives Hour & A Half To Water Park. In 1st Line, Knows Her Day Of 'Fun' Is Over


There are few joys greater than a day of freedom from the office. Normally, you don’t mind work so much, but on these days, you wake up in bed and can’t help but imagine your coworkers slumped over at their desks. Why is it that today they seem like prisoners?

You are overcome with a dose of adrenaline and wonder if this is the same rush that hits escaped convicts the moment their spoon tunnel finally pays off.

What will you do with all of this time away from work? Nap? Catch up on those household chores? Have an adventure?

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For 22-year-old Bryanna, a day spent at one of America’s largest indoor water parks, the Kalahari, was the ticket. She packed up with friends and drove an hour and a half to its magnificent slides, slapped on her swimsuit and headed for fun.

Everyone knows the joys of amusement park lines… but it wasn’t long before they were close to hopping on their very first slide of the day.

Then it happened.

The workers did everything they could to refrain guests from posting the horrors of that day to the internet, but clearly, they failed. Photos went viral almost immediately.

According to the report, a large piece of air conditioning ductwork fell from the tall ceiling of the park and into a pool, injuring five people. Two of those injured were transported to a local hospital.

The park was shut down for the remainder of the day.

Kalahari released a report apologizing to guests for the incident and explained that safety is and always has been their number one priority.

As for Bryanna, her fun day at the water park ended just as quickly as it began. Thankfully, no one sustained any major injuries and Bryanna and all of her friends are free to return as soon as the park reopens.

Have you ever had any bad luck with timing? What strange things have you ever had happen to you?

Let us know in the comments below!

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