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Husband Dresses in Costumes To Embarrass His Wife During Her Zoom Meetings


With so many people working from home, life has looked a little different lately.

Fewer rush hours, more yard projects. Less business attire, more walks around the neighborhood.

While some people are finding the isolation crazy-making, others are enjoying working from home. When families are working from home, though, and sharing the same space to work in, there’s bound to be conflict.

For Cara Fields, that conflict (or at least the one she shared publicly!) was good-natured, if distracting.

Cara’s husband Matt is also working from home, and the couple from Greenfield, Indiana, has made headlines lately because of a new hobby Matt has picked up.

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“My husband has a new quarantine hobby of Zoom bombing my conference calls,” Cara posted on LinkedIn. “The colleagues I’m meeting with always see him before I do. Never a dull moment in this household! #zoombombing #quarantine.”

She included four photos of his getups, which included Batman and Waldo outfits.

For Matt, embarrassing Cara was nothing new.

“He has always loved wearing ridiculous things in public to embarrass me,” she told Bored Panda. “So when I converted our dining room into an office where my camera faced the dining room table, he saw a virtual opportunity to embarrass me during the pandemic.”

So he did.

At first, he just used what he could find around the house, but soon he got backup from some of his closest fans.

“Friends started mailing him Halloween costumes,” Cara explained. “I’m told that more costumes are in transit!”

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While some could see this as unprofessional or a waste of time, Cara’s coworkers are enjoying it. And if you can’t show off your cat, your dog or your costumed husband, is it really a Zoom conference?

“My colleagues love this,” Cara said. “It’s so strange to see a team of people laughing while you’re presenting, and then realizing something ridiculous is going on behind you.”

“They almost always see him before I do,” she added. “It has definitely helped people remember to stop and laugh during these times.”

The Fields’ shenanigans made it to NBC’s “Today” show, and Cara made sure to post a clip of it on her Facebook page.

“Here is the Today Show clip!” she shared. “That ending commentary.”

Do you know someone who would pull this sort of prank?

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