Kindhearted Police Officers Fold Laundry for Woman While She Fills Out Report


Paperwork is generally no fun. It takes your full attention, and many times all you can think of is the other productive things you could be doing instead.

It can be even more nerve-wracking when the paperwork you’re filling out is for the police, and you’ve just witnessed something horrible.

That was the scenario Brandy Clinton faced on Nov. 21. The day before Thanksgiving she was at the laundromat, trying to get towels for her mobile spa business washed and dried before the Thanksgiving festivities began.

While she was at the laundromat, she witnessed something. She would not say what it was, and neither would the people who posted about the incident after her, other than to insinuate that she had seen something unsettling.

Cops from the Wichita Police Department were called to the location and had Clinton fill out paperwork since she had been a witness. But instead of just hanging around and waiting for her to complete the report, they pitched in and got to work.

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Another woman, Pam Coker, was at the same location and snapped a picture of the hard-working cops. She posted the photo and story on Facebook, and it has since gone viral.

“I had to go to laundry mat today, (my washer broke…) as something bad happened there, the police were called!” she wrote.

“As they investigated they had a witness! While they had her filling out the paperwork this is what they did! Her laundry!!! Thank you Wichita PD, make my heart smile. ❤❤”

When a friend commented on the photo, tagging Clinton and asking if this was the story she’d mentioned, she said yes.

“Yes those are my spa towels he is folding,” she replied. Any other sort of laundry might have been a bit personal to fold … but towels? Sure!

“Pam Coker, thank you for sharing this,” Clinton later commented. “I was pretty rattled, and was trying to get the towels washed for my mobile spa before my mom got to town. (She was on her way for Thanksgiving.)”

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“So he was trying to help me get finished up, and the lady officer came in and started helping too. They were so great to me after what I witnessed.?”

The Wichita Police Department shared the photo from Coker as well. “Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a difference!” they wrote. “Thank you to our Officers and to those working today.”

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