Kyle Rittenhouse Searches Blocked by Google


Google has no apparent interest in helping users purchase merchandise related to Kyle Rittenhouse, who on Friday was found by a jury to have acted in self-defense when he shot and killed two men in Wisconsin last summer.

The Big Tech titan has other plans for people seeking to buy items such as shirts related to the 18-year-old. If you conduct a Google search for “Kyle Rittenhouse shirts” under the shopping tab, you’re met with a message that reads: “Your search – Kyle Rittenhouse shirts – did not match any shopping results.”

There are, of course, numerous shirts which are available for purchase to support the teen who has become the face of self-defense against mob violence — if you dig deeper.

Google’s bias against Rittenhouse is more apparent when other searches are performed. For example, in just a few clicks, a search for “Che Guevara shirts” yields numerous ads where you can buy items with the face of the communist killer on websites such as eBay and Etsy.

Google takes you straight there, as it does when you search for shirts containing the likeness of murderous Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. In both other searches and numerous others, Google offers entire pages of shopping for Guevara, Stalin, Mao Zedong and other heroes of the far left.

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Furthermore, a Google search in the news tab of “Rittenhouse” Saturday puts coverage of the teen’s trial from ultra-liberal CNN at the very top.

The treatment of the teen by Google is, of course, no surprise to people who have witnessed the way he has been treated by Big Tech from the beginning.

Some social media users were actually blocked from defending the teen last summer when he shot Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber and Gaige Grosskreutz in self-defense during a riot. Facebook and Twitter both prevented Rittenhouse from being portrayed as anything but a killer after he was arrested last year.

Additionally, the crowdfunding company GoFundMe prevented people who believed the teen was innocent and wished to donate to him.

The company issued a statement after Friday’s verdict which explained its position.

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“GoFundMe’s Terms of Service prohibit raising money for the legal defense of an alleged violent crime. In light of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, we want to clarify when and why we have removed certain fundraisers in the past,” the company wrote.

Numerous people on Twitter pointed out that GoFundMe actually allowed people to raise funds for leftists accused of rioting.

Republican Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado signaled he intends to hold the company to account over what looks like a concerted effort to prevent Rittenhouse from receiving money to defend himself.

“[GoFundMe] will be hearing from me very soon, I have a lot of questions,” Buck wrote on Twitter Friday night.

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