Total Lie: Witness Devastated 1 of Hillary's 'Most Vivid' WH Memories


It is a verifiable fact that former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lies. One of her most infamous lies involves a memory she shared on the campaign trail in 2008 that claimed she had been under sniper fire when she landed in Bosnia in March 1996.

The truth was far different from what she claimed about the landing and greeting ceremony. And unfortunately for Clinton, there is news video footage to prove it.

Now, during a speech given as part of accepting an honorary doctorate at Queen’s University Belfast, she’s pulled another Pinocchio. This, too, involves a lie about a vivid memory.

According to Ireland’s JOE media outlet, this whopper involved a trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland during her husband, former President Bill Clinton’s tenure.

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JOE reports that during her 1995 visit, “the Belfast Europa Hotel had undergone an extensive £8 million in 1994 redevelopment (over a year prior to the Clinton visit) following the last Provisional IRA bomb in 1993.” And it just gets worse from there.

She made a similar claim while in Belfast in 2009. The Belfast Telegraph called her out on her lie on that occasion.

“The last terror strike on the landmark building was 1993 — TWO YEARS before she checked in as First Lady with President husband Bill. Sunday Life has discovered that renovations had been completed on the hotel in January 1994 — 22 MONTHS before they stayed there.”

Do you believe Hillary Clinton lied?

And there is even more. Boards did actually cover the windows while there were there. But they were put up by the Clintons’ own team.

Europa Hotel concierge Martin Mulholland — who helped the presidential couple during their stay — told the paper what really happened. “The hotel was spotless. There had been no bombs and there was no scaffolds or wooden boards or anything like that when they came.”

He added, “The place was spotless. The only security or boards that went up were the ones put up by Bill Clinton’s secret service team.”

Despite already being publicly called out on her lie years ago in Belfast, Clinton opted to give a repeat performance. And she again got called out by the media in Belfast.

The list of her whoppers is quite extensive and well-documented online via various media outlets, crossing both political party lines. In fact, The Washington Post, seemingly with pride, notes that they wrote about the Bosnia trip lie, referring to it as “one of our all-time great fact checks.”

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They also wrote that their report spurred on other outlets to report on it. Those outlets included PolitiFact and CBS News. So no one can honestly claim that it is only right-learning publications that call her out on her lies or that her lies are smears made up by the right.

A number of outlets have written up lists of her lies. One such outlet, The Political Outsider created a “seven wildest lies” list in 2015. Among them are the origins of her name, her immigrant grandparents claim, leaving the White House “dead broke” and also “in debt,” and her failed attempt to join the Marines.

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