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Little Girl Donates Her Breakfast Sandwich To Help Rescuers Save Dog Found Tied to Fence


Never underestimate the power of a sandwich.

For a frightened dog living alone on the streets, a piping-hot breakfast sandwich proved to win over his stomach and his heart.

Chaplin’s story began when Hope for Paws rescuers received a call from a woman named Rosie.

Rosie explained that the dog had been living alone on the streets, surviving thanks to a man who kept him regularly fed.

When Hope for Paws rescuers arrived at Chaplin’s location, the man who had been caring for him had gone to work. But the man was prepared for the rescue team, leaving Chaplin safely secured to the front porch with blankets and water by his side.

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Naturally, Chaplin was scared and began barking relentlessly as rescuer Loreta Frankonyte approached him.

Working slowly and patiently, Frankonyte managed to get close enough to place a leash around his neck.

The dog shivered in fear, eyes wide with panic as he was unable to escape. Out of fear, he defecated on the lawn.

While Chaplin put up quite a fight, Frankonyte remained calm and patient, eventually coaxing the dog onto a blanket at the stoop of the stairs.

Typically, Hope For Paws rescuers are prepared with enticing food, like a cheeseburger, to help ease the dog’s stress. But in their haste to reach Chaplin, nobody had stopped for food.

But thankfully, two young girls were watching the rescue unfold. One of them was Rosie’s daughter, Carla, who gave Loreta her breakfast sandwich in hopes it would ease Chaplin’s nerves.

The sandwich (you can see the English muffin in the video, despite the caption referring to it as a cheeseburger) was a hit, winning Chaplin’s heart after the first few morsels.

“When we got the call about Chaplin, Loreta Frankonyte and I rushed to the location and didn’t have time to get a cheeseburger. Luckily, a little girl offered her cheeseburger and it made all the difference!” Hope For Paws wrote in the YouTube video caption.

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After the dog sat beside Frankonyte and snacked on sandwich bits for about half an hour, Frankonyte knew it was time for Chaplin to leave the streets and begin his journey to adoption.

Chaplin was reluctant to follow her, but was bid a cheerful farewell from Carla and Brielle, another girl at the scene. Both girls handed Frankonyte two adorable dog drawings that Chaplin could take with him on his journey.

Chaplin was covered in fleas and desperately needed a bath and a grooming session. After a nice towel-dry, the pup began to explore his new surroundings, even making friends with a cat named Kuma.

At long last, he was able to rest, safe and sound in his new environment.

For now, Chaplin is living with Smooch Pooch Rescue while waiting for an adoptive family.

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