Man Berated in Starbucks for Wearing MAGA Hat, Onlookers Do Absolutely Nothing


A video uploaded to YouTube showed an altercation between a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and another person who appeared to have a problem with his fellow patron’s support for President Donald Trump.

The video, taken in what the videographer identified as a Starbucks, was uploaded on Wednesday, and showed what appeared to be a 30-something white man approach a black man of about the same age, who was wearing the iconic trucker hat.

As the video began, the aggressor could be heard saying “what the f*** is wrong with you? Why you supporting Trump?”

The supposed Trump supporter, who had a phone to his ear during the entire conversation replied “What’s wrong with my hat? It’s my opinion.”

Some of the verbiage is somewhat indistinct, however, the irate patron continued to ask questions, hardly waiting for an answer from the wearer of the offensive hat.

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“Why, Why?” the aggressor persisted.

As the conversation went on, the furious customer continued to invade the hat-wearers personal space, forcing him to back up, time and again.

“It’s a nice hat,” the victim said at one point. And, “What’s wrong with me supporting Trump?” he inquired at another.

The videographer interjected at one point that “this dude is following this dude around Starbucks because he’s got a Trump hat.”

Do you think the aggressor should face consequences for his actions?

The angry man continued to get in the hat wearer’s face, making comments like, “What has he ever done?” referring to the president.

For the most part, the patrons stayed out of the way of the angry pair, however at one point, a third man, wearing a black coat, tried to reason with the angry anti-Trump patron, saying, “I’m not cool with this, I don’t think anyone in this store is cool with it.”

The attempt at peacemaking was ignored by the angry patron, and he continued to ask the apparent Trump-supporter aggressive questions.

The victim finally said, “What’s wrong with my hat, what are you going to do about my hat?”

The reply was indistinct, however, the victim replied to it, “I’m not taking off my hat.”

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The aggressor then said, “I’ll take off your hat,” at which point he snatched the red trucker hat off the man’s head and threw it on the ground.

There was a moment of seeming disbelief between the two involved in the confrontation, and silence on the part of others in the restaurant, when the videographer said, “s***, he just threw my man’s hat on the floor.”

Seemingly satisfied with his work, the aggressor leaned in and said a few more indistinct words, and then turned around and walked away.

Warning: video contains strong language.

Comments on both YouTube and Reddit carried a similar thread; this isn’t making headlines, because it doesn’t fit a liberal narrative.

“Can you imagine the headlines if this guy WASN’T wearing a Maga hat and this happened on him?!” one Redit user commented. “This violence is only going to prove his stand and support maga even more.”

“This blatantly racist act is going to be the lead story on all the network news shows. Wait. No it won’t. It doesn’t fit their narrative,” said one YouTube comment.

“There was a comment on there saying if the rolls were reversed it would be national news … so wrong … anyone in a maga getting bullied is not going anywhere, now had the black man had on a normal hat and he did this then yeah. Some people are so out of touch,” said another Reddit user.

“Should be arrested for assault and harassment,” suggested another.

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