Marine's 2-Year-Old Brother Stands in for Him at Photo Shoot with Girlfriend


Skylar Fontaine, 18, and her boyfriend Gage Moak, 19, met while playing soccer and have been dating for over a year.

This year, Skylar is a senior in high school in New Orleans, while Gage has moved 1000 miles away to the East Coast to train for his Military Occupation Specialty.

The long distance relationship is new to the couple, and it has taken some time to adjust to. Unfortunately, they do not know when Gage will be able to travel back home.

“We aren’t sure when he will come home. It may not be until August,” Skylar said. ” I have only been able to see him 10 days out of the past five months. It’s a new experience to us but we are dealing with it.”

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The most recent obstacle the couple faced was Skylar’s senior prom. They both knew Gage wouldn’t be able to go, and while Skylar knew it was for a good reason, she was upset that he would miss out on the special occasion.

“I was upset, but at the same time I support him 100 percent and I’m willing to deal with him being away because he’s the one making the ultimate sacrifice,” she explained.

“I have been with him through this entire process of becoming a Marine, and that has given us a special bond.”

But Skylar knew she wanted to find a way to include her boyfriend in the special day, even if he couldn’t be there himself.

So she went to Gage’s 2-year-old baby brother Clay and asked him if he would pose for prom pictures with her as her “date.”

“I thought this would be a sweet gesture to send to my boyfriend. He is a family man and very sentimental,” she said. “Clay wants to be just like his big brother. I’m very close to him, he is like my own little brother.”

Clay agreed, and dressed in a uniform identical to Gage’s Marines uniform, he posed with Skylar for a few adorable pictures.

Skylar and her prom “date” have since gone viral, their photos touching the hearts of people all across the internet.

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“I didn’t actually bring him to prom, we just took pictures together then my friends and I headed out!” she explained after getting questions from viewers.

“I received so much amazing feedback from our friends and family.”

Skylar said Gage and his family absolutely loved the photos. The couple is also overwhelmed by the positive encouragement for their relationship. What an adorable and thoughtful idea!

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