Marxist BLM Co-Founder Who Bought 4 Homes Rejects Hypocrisy, Says She Is Supporting Her Family


Black-Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors is under fire this week after it was revealed she purchased a multi-million dollar home near the California coast.

The fact that Khan-Cullors, who previously described herself as a “trained Marxist,” is now the owner of a $1.4 million mansion in California, did not sit well with the denizens of social media, who widely decried her as a hypocrite.

Nor was such ire lessened by the revelation that the mansion was actually the fourth to be added to her luxury real estate portfolio.

Khan-Cullors was accused both of betraying the key tenet of Marxism that seeks to abolish all private property, as well as flagrantly betraying the Black Lives Matter movement by purchasing a multi-million dollar home in a wealthy white neighborhood where only 1.4 percent of the population is black, according to the 2010 census.

“Well done, BLM,” William Hall tweeted. “These riots have earned Patrice Khan Cullors three more houses.”

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“At least we can be assured that BLM founder, Patrisse Cullors is safe in her mansion in an almost all white neighborhood,” Tweeted Chris Rose.

Khan-Cullors went on to defend herself in an interview with Black News Channel by arguing that, because her family is black, all of her purchases are “investments” in black lives.

“The way that I live my life is a direct support to black people including my black family members,” Khan-Cullors said.

The news is just the latest in BLM’s ongoing crisis of legitimacy. The Associated Press recently revealed that The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation raked in over $90 million last year, even as their supporters wrought some $2 billion in property damage throughout the nation.

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Further, regional BLM leaders have cried foul about the total lack of transparency in the organization’s financing and decision-making practices, and issued an open letter stating that Khan-Cullors “became Executive Director against the will of most chapters and without their knowledge.”

BLM leadership has done everything in its power to deprive working Americans of their life, liberty and property over the last year. When it comes to actually living up to its own ideals, however, Khan-Cullors is evidence enough that its ideology is mere role-play, designed to foster racial enmity and profit.

Indeed, Khan-Cullors is representative of the new gauche caviar, and her rise ought to be considered as emblematic of how the establishment media’s obsession with race will continue to catapult latte liberals with the right skin color into the lofty realm of champagne socialists and Twitterati.

Is Khan-Cullors a good Marxist?

But make no mistake: A real Marxist would not spend millions of dollars on multiple homes and a real BLM activist would not abandon the charges she swore to protect in order to live among the much dreaded specter of white supremacy.

Then again, perhaps fleecing the nation, leaving it ashes and ruin and laughing all the way to the bank does sound like something a communist might have done after all.

Maybe that’s what the world has not yet understood about Khan-Cullors and her ilk.

She did not model BLM on the teachings of Marx, but of Stalin.

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