Mega-Financial Inst. Says They Won't Be Bullied on 2nd Amend.


As more and more companies cut ties with the National Rifle Association amid controversy around gun laws, one large financial chain stated it won’t be joining in on the ban.

According to CBS San Francisco, a protest held in Foster City, California was met by an announcement by Visa that the company will not be joining the list with other notorious enterprises such as Hertz and MetLife in boycotting the NRA.

The declaration came in response to a petition from protesters who called on the financial company to withdraw their business from stores selling assault weapons and to block those from buying them.

“We do not believe Visa should be in the position of setting restrictions on the sale of lawful goods and services,” Visa responded.

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The petition from gun-control activists gained 150,000 signatures, with another two-dozen people rallying outside the company’s headquarters.

“It’s a simple act,” said one of the protesters. “Visa, don’t let people use a Visa credit card to buy weapons of mass murder.”

The organizers of the protest have said they don’t plan on backing down anytime soon.

“I think they will have to face the consumers who are disappointed by their inaction,” declared William Winters, who is with the Courage Campaign.

Do you think that Visa made the right decision?

Protesters stated that the ultimate decision will be decided by results in the marketplace, citing data related to gun-laws throughout the nation and the issues therein that are consistently being debated.

In Sacramento alone, amendments have already been introduced to bills, including one that would raise the minimum age requirement for purchasing “long guns” from 18 to 21.

“Data shows us that people age 18 to 21 disproportionally commit more gun homicides,” said Democrat Assemblyman Rob Bonta.

However, numerous gun owners and other affiliates and members of California’s Libertarian Party have been outspoken against the introduced bill.

“You can sign up for the military at 18 and get a gun, but as a private citizen you can’t get a gun?” argued Robert Imhoff, a member of the Santa Clara County Libertarian Party. “It just doesn’t make sense to us.”

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And the debate over gun laws and citizens’ rights doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, as pressure on Washington lawmakers continues to grow in the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, where 17 were killed at the hands of Nikolas Cruz on Feb. 14.

The current administration and numerous politicians nationwide have held several meetings amid calls to change legislation, with President Donald Trump recently calling for a ban on the bump-stock accessory and stating that something must be put in place in order to avoid another mass shooting.

“We’re going to come up with solutions,” Trump said during a meeting at the White House. “It’s been many, many years, and there have been no solutions. We’re going to come up with solutions.”

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