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Mike Huckabee: Where Hating President Trump Can Lead You

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Some political analysts believed that by praising House Speaker Nancy Pelosi early on, President Donald Trump was sending a signal that he was willing to work with her and the Democrats to get some things done they both agreed on, like spending on infrastructure.

But when she chose to start their meeting by attacking him until he walked out, those hopes for any bipartisan accomplishments apparently went out the window.

Pelosi has reportedly been telling Democrats that she wants to see Trump “in prison” (no surprise: “progressives” always want to see their political opponents in prisons; it’s a hallmark of socialism. Jail first, fill in the charges later.)

Some pundits believe that was actually just a form of leftist virtue-signaling to let her unruly charges know that, yeah, she hates that rapscallion Trump, too — why, so much that she thinks he oughta be in prison! — so maybe they won’t turn on her when she squashes their politically-suicidal dreams of doomed impeachment trials.

If she’d hoped to escape the rising political heat with that strategy, she didn’t count on how Trump would react. Trump’s response tells us two things (aside from the fact that Trump enjoys toying with her):

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1. He doesn’t expect the Democratic House even to try to accomplish anything between now and 2020 other than attacking him and passing left-wing bills that are DOA in the Senate, so no more attempts at bipartisan outreach.

2. Things just reached Defcon One level: he gave Nancy Pelosi a nickname! And man, is it perfect.

By the way, here’s an excellent example of how Trump Derangement Syndrome works: start with the assumption that “Trump is evil,” then take any situation and work backward until you can connect enough unrelated dots to draw a picture of corruption where none exists.

Latest example courtesy of Kimberley Strassel for The Wall Street Journal/Fox News: In a sop to the environmental lobby, the Obama administration blocked the renewal of a mineral lease on some Minnesota wilderness lands that had been renewed for decades.

The Trump Interior Department found that move to be fatally flawed legally, so now the company is undergoing an environmental review to try to get the lease renewed.

OK, here comes the dollop of TDS: the mining company is owned by a Chilean billionaire who also owns real estate in Washington, which includes a house which is rented by Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. So “TDS Bingo!”

Obviously, the Obama-era block was removed due to corruption and cronyism, and never mind that the Obama move was highly questionable, and the Kushners pay market rate rent and have never even met their landlord.

But here comes a curve: the “Trump corruption” balloon was just popped with the emergence of a 2016 email from a prominent politician, protesting that the Obama block on the lease renewal “just floored me,” that it wasn’t normal or fair, and that Trump would surely reverse it.

And this politician who made the case for the Trump Interior Department’s action before Trump ever even took office is not only a Democrat, she’s running for president.

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Try to guess who it is before you click the link.

Also, try to guess whether this will actually keep anyone from continuing to scream “corruption” over the non-existent Trump connection while completely ignoring the corruption of Obama circumventing the legal system to help out his green supporters.

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