Mob of Law Students Berate Free Speech Lecturer, Call Rule of Law 'White Supremacy'


A City University of New York law student shouted, “F— the law!” while protesting a visiting professor, a video published Thursday shows.

Nearly all the students who showed up to South Texas College of Law Houston Professor Josh Blackman’s speech at CUNY protested him, Hot Air reported.

“Shame on you!” protesters shouted as they formed a line in the corridor leading to the room where Blackman was scheduled to speak.

They held signs displaying: “Restoring the rule of law = white supremacy” and “Shame on CUNY: Don’t give oppressors a platform.”

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The Texas law professor’s speech, “The Importance of Free Speech on Campus,” seemed pertinent — especially considering one protester’s statement: “I don’t understand how CUNY allows this.”

Students talked over CUNY’s Federalist Society president, who introduced Blackman, and continued to do so until an administrator cut into them.

“Everybody stop,” the unidentified administrator said. “Let me tell you something. The university rules are people get to speak. You may protest. You may protest. But you may not keep anyone from speaking. If you do, I have other things to do, I will be back. Or you can resolve this yourselves. Or you can have me resolve it.”

While Blackman supported President Donald Trump’s decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, he supports the DREAM Act, he told students.

Do you believe law students should receive instruction on the importance of the First Amendment?

“Were I a member of Congress, I would vote for the DREAM Act,” the professor said. “My position is that the policy itself was not consistent with the rule of law, which teaches a lesson. The lesson is you can support something as a matter of policy but find that the law does not permit it. And then the answer is to change the law.”

“F— the law,” a protester shouted.

“F— the law? That’s a very odd thing,” Blackman responded. “You are all in law school. And it is a bizarre thing to say ‘F— the law’ when you are in law school.”

A little under 10 minutes into the event, the protesters left the room to complain to the dean, according to Blackman. The professor did not deliver his prepared remarks and instead spent the next hour answering questions from the audience. While only five individuals attended the event initially, the professor counted 30 individuals at the end.

“I learned that some students were either ashamed or intimidated, and did not want to be seen as attending the event,” Blackman wrote in a blog republished by The National Review. “I spoke on originalism, textualism, the separation of powers, DACA, affirmative action, criminal procedure, and a wide range of other topics.

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“The conversation was civil and professional. I was very proud of the students who stayed till the end. (Well, there was one Trump supporter in the room who called me a “cuck” for not being MAGA enough — I can’t win.)”

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