Mom Unwraps Newborn's Blanket to Surprise Message from Dad on Onesie


Babies are our little blessings in the world. They bring lots of joy, love, and responsibility.

For most parents, it’s a very exciting nine months when you’re expecting a little one. And, when he or she arrives, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed with emotions.

That’s how it felt for Chad McDevitt and his sweetheart, Lauren. In November of 2014, they welcomed baby Everly into the world.

On the day after her birth, the couple was still celebrating their new bundle of joy. A video recorded the precious moment.

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Surrounded by family and friends, Chad picked up his baby girl after Lauren’s aunt said she needed changing. He then handed Everly to her mom, who was still resting in the bed.

Lauren made a comment about how fitted the blanket was around her little one. “I swear my swaddles I could never get them this tight,” she said.

A female voice in the background asked the mom “to open her up” so she could get a better view of Everly. “Lauren started unwrapping the blanket to change her and the rest is history,” Chad said.

As mom unwrapped the newborn’s blanket, Chad kneeled down next to the bed. Everyone had their cameras out patiently waiting for the reveal.

Once Lauren fully uncovered her baby, the onesie displayed a surprise message from dad.

At first the flustered new mom just thought it was any other onesie. But it wasn’t.

It asked: “Mommy will you marry daddy?” And a ring was fastened to the front of the tiny tot’s clothing.

The marriage proposal left the glowing mom in shock. “Yes, yes. Yes, I will,” she said with enthusiasm.

Chad unhooked the ring from the onesie and placed it on his future wife’s finger. Still surprised by the romantic gesture, Lauren said she thought the onesie was just like all the other ones until she saw the message.

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Little did she know, everyone was in on the special proposal, including the nurse. Now that they had their precious, healthy baby and a wedding to look forward to, their beautiful family was finally complete!

She was congratulated and gave her new fiance a kiss. The little family was on its way to sharing a name as well as a future.

Stories like this one always make me feel all mushy inside. If it made you feel the same, then make sure to pass it along!

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