Mom Works 2 Jobs to Pay for Mortgage, But Grown Children Have Surprise Waiting for Her


The Christmas season is a time of love, caring, acts of kindness, and giving back to those you love.

When you’re young and starting out on your own, it can be hard to express to your parents just how much you love and appreciate them.

But that didn’t stop Shiellan Embaye from going all out for her mother’s Christmas gift this year. She got an idea about eight months ago, and she knew she just had to see it through.

When she proposed it to her brothers, they were on board, too. But it would take a lot of time and money to make it happen.

You may be asking what, exactly, they were trying to do starting so far out from Christmas. Well, they were planning on paying off their mother’s mortgage.

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These grown children weren’t fantastically rich or famous, they were just normal people living normal lives who wanted to show just how grateful they were for their devoted mother, Nigisti Asgedom.

She had worked two jobs for most of their lives in order to pay for the house and take care of her three children.

Embaye said, “She’s mortgaged her whole life to help us so it’s just paying back.”

The surprising part is that Embaye sold her own home and moved back in with her mother (along with her two children) — the one she was paying off — to make this happen.

She sacrificed so much to give back to her mother, and to let her enjoy being a grandmother rather than working two jobs to keep up with payments.

“Every birthday, every Christmas, every holiday was in this house,” Embaye said. Moving home didn’t seem like it was an issue, especially when it was the home she grew up in.

Asgedom bought the home while she was pregnant with Embaye, and has been working so hard ever since. “She’s had a pretty hard life and she’s been through a lot,” said her daughter, and she hopes this is enough to express her gratitude.

“As soon as I made that decision, it was tunnel vision until December,” she said.

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With such determination, it sounds like this woman could do anything, and is setting a great example for her own two children.

While there is a video of Asgedom’s reaction to their announcement, news programs were unable to meet with her at the time of interviewing Embaye. She was off working her second job, proving just how dedicated she is.

Embaye and her brothers hope their mother can quit and only work one job as soon as possible. Being a grandmother is time-consuming, and certainly more fun than working!

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