Mother Surprised with Touching Video from Family and Friends, Then Husband Walks Through Door


Meet Maria Reid, a wife, mother and working mom who is continually giving her all to serve her family.

Like many working moms, Reid lives in the constant tension of trying to be fully present at work and fully present with her family.

The days can be long and difficult, but Reid perseveres through the endless, exhausting, often thankless role of “Mom.”

Without her knowledge, Reid’s friends and family decided to give a heartfelt thank-you to the wife and mother who keeps their lives full of beauty.

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Reid, a nurse practitioner, entered the room under the guise of taking a survey about working moms.

Sarah, the interviewer, asked her a few questions about life as a working mom.

“It’s hard,” Reid said. “It’s tough, mentally, because I want to be present for my kids 24/7.”

When asked what she would like to do better as a mom, Maria said she could use more patience.

“I wish that I would never yell or fuss,” she said.

After the two women chatted for a while, Sarah told Reid the real reason why she was in the room today.

Looking Reid straight in the eye, Sarah told her what every mom needs to hear: That she was a great mom, doing a great job.

Sarah then turned the computer screen so that Reid could watch her friends and family say the same thing.

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“Is this going to make me cry?” Reid asked.

With tissues in hand, Reid listened as her husband, Harold Reid, described her as “the glue,” that keeps the family together.

“Maria, I love you to the moon and back,” Harold said. “You are a true inspiration and I just want to say thank you for loving me and loving our family the way that you do.”

Maria Reid’s friends chimed in, too, saying they are inspired by the love she selflessly exudes to her family, with joy in her day-to-day life.

As the video concluded, Reid was left wiping tears from her eyes.

As if the video weren’t enough, a nearby door opened, and Reid’s adorable kids came spilling out into the room with her husband, who was holding their baby.

The kids embraced their mother, who told them she was crying tears of joy.

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