Sick: 9-Year Old Girl Found Dead After Muslim Father Beat Her for Incorrectly Reciting Quran


The left is a broken record when it comes to Islam. No matter how violent the action that is done in its name or by its people, the response is always the same: Islam is a peaceful religion. A report out Malaysia is just one more example that goes against this narrative.

Port Dickson army sergeant Mohammad Abdullah Mohamed was charged for culpable homicide in the death of his daughter Nur Aina Nabihah Mohammad Abdullah, at their residence on Jan. 31, the Malaysia Gazette reported.

Mohamed was said to have nodded in court when he heard the charges against him.

The Gazette reported that no plea had been recorded.

Mohamed reportedly found Nur Aina, 9, unconscious before trying to resuscitate her. The girl was taken to a hospital where she later died.

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Reports said that police detained Mohamed and the young girl’s 34-year-old stepmother on Feb 1.

The stepmother was released on bond.

It is unclear what exactly happened to the little girl that caused her death, but it was obviously something sinister.

Mohamed allegedly mistreated his daughter frequently. In fact, Malaysian news agencies reported that the girl had various injuries, including broken ribs, a punctured intestine and a damaged liver.

Do you think this man deserves the toughest punishment they can give him?

Nur Aina was reportedly subjected to a “commando-like routine” by her father. Such routines included doing push-ups, sit-ups and squats.

The girl was also reportedly beaten with a belt, slapped, kicked and even stomped on.

Nur Aina was apparently beaten and subjected to other forms of punishment because she did not recite prayers before bedtime, made mistakes while reciting the Quran or did not obey her father, according to reports.

Mohamed’s behavior does not seem to fit the tolerant image of Muslims the left so often portrays. It does, however, fit right in with the way women and young girl’s are treated in majority-Muslim countries — like cattle.

And leftists wonder why the American people don’t want unvetted immigrants allowed into our country…

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If the charges against Mohamed are true, he deserves the harshest punishment there is.

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