Exclusive: NRA's Oliver North Says Soros, Steyer 'Clear And Present Danger' to 2nd Amendment


NRA President Oliver North sounded the alarm over the weekend that billionaire liberals George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer will spend a combined $200 million aimed at supporting candidates in the upcoming midterms who want to repeal the Second Amendment.

In an exclusive interview ahead of his address at the annual Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. on Friday night, North told The Western Journal that these billionaires’ efforts are aimed straight at the NRA.

“This whole Democrat Socialist agenda (has) repeal the Second Amendment as the second or first item on the long list of things they want to go,” he said, adding that this item was right up there with creating an open immigration policy for the U.S.

North stated the NRA will not be able to match the type of money these men will spend in their efforts to swing the country away from guaranteeing Americans’ right to keep and bear arms, so his organization is counting on grassroots activism to overcome their tens of millions of dollars.

The NRA leader conveyed that he has set a goal of doubling his organization’s membership by 2020. The advocacy group currently has approximately 6 million members.

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North noted about 20 million Americans say they’re members, so they’re obviously sympathetic to the cause, but obviously well over half them aren’t currently on the rolls.

He contended there is clear room for growth based on that statistic and because approximately 100 million Americans own guns.

A Pew Research study released last year found about one-in-three American adults reported owning a gun.

North went on to argue the media plays a complicit role in the targeting of the NRA, in effect working with liberals like Bloomberg, Soros and Steyer to try to destroy the organization.

Do you think the Second Amendment is in danger?

“The journalists have a hard time telling the truth about what we do,” said North.

He observed following major mass shooting incidents — like the Parkland high school shooting in Florida in February — there is a “pile on factor (aimed at the NRA) by young journalists who really don’t know jack about what’s going on.”

“You can always tell because they say, ‘He reloaded his clip’ (instead of magazine) or those kinds of things,” North said.

“The NRA has essentially two purposes in life: number 1 protect and preserve the Second Amendment, and second of all to teach marksmanship, the safe handling of firearms,” he explained. “We’ve been doing that since 1871.”

During his address to the Values Voter Summit, North drove home the point that Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg’s objective to bring down the NRA at the ballot box and with it the Second Amendment is in plain sight.

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“Their goal is a clear and present danger. They’ve announced their plan,” he said. “Seize power in the House of Representatives in Washington. Capture the U.S. Senate. Impeach our president, and then crush the NRA. Take the White House two years from now and then repeal the Second Amendment. That’s their agenda … It’s an all out attack against us all, not with bombs or bullets, but with millions of dollars buying ballots.”

He then argued that the NRA and the Family Research Council (organizer of the Values Voter Summit) should work to oppose these liberal billionaires’ efforts in the upcoming midterms and on other fronts.

“We stand in their way: the FRC, the NRA and others who believe in our God-given liberties,” he said. “That is the only way we can stop these big-spending liars.”

During his address at the summit, North showed a series of recent ads the NRA has produced including one targeting former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protests, which received the strongest response with the Values Voter crowd.

“When you take a knee during our National Anthem, you disrespect the men and women who lost their limbs so you could spend your Sundays playing games,” North says.

He concludes the ad saying, “We stand for our country. We stand for our veterans and our military. We stand for our law enforcement. And we stand for flag. Because we’re still freedom’s safest place.”

North told The Journal, the video is “just a little reminder that we’re here. There are a lot of us in the NRA that feel strongly about that, and we do vote.”

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