Obama Policy Had US Officials Turning Blind Eye to "Rampant" Pedophilia


The Obama hangover just won’t go away. Pedophilia and child sexual slavery is high on the disgust scale for just about every decent human being. Yet what may kick that same scale all the way to 11 is the knowledge that the Obama administration is accused of turning a blind eye to such vile activity. Specifically, team Obama may have taxpayer subsidized sex trafficking and active pedophilia in the Afghanistan theater of operations.

Rest assured, none of our troops or any of the NATO or Australian/New Zealander military contingents have been implicated in any allegations. However, as it turns out, raping little boys is quite ingrained in Afghan culture.

As reported by The Daily Wire, “A potentially explosive report from The New York Times claims that U.S. officials turned a ‘blind eye’ to ongoing child sex abuse problems within the Afghan army and funded that nation’s military despite repeated allegations of pedophilia and even child sex trafficking.”

Not done yet, The Daily Wire also noted, “The New York Times cites a document, released Monday, which says that the U.S. military reported more than 5,000 incidents of ‘gross human rights abuses’ to authorities between 2010 and 2016, many involving children. But despite their repeated requests — and the dictates of American law — the U.S. continued to provide financial support to the Afghan Army.”

Stunningly, this isn’t the first time alarm bells sounded the danger of figurative blind eyes being turned in Afghanistan. Initially reported by Fox News late in 2013, Jason Brezler, a full-time fire fighter and Marine Corps Reserve Major from New York City is facing what could loosely be translated as the military version of a grand jury hearing stemming from his using an unsecured email account.

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He warned his fellow Marines that a high placed Afghan police commander, Sarwar Jan, was suspected of both posing a security risk as well as participating in pedophilia at U.S. military installations. That was a move he may have regretted.

While serving in the Taliban hotbed of Helmand Province, Maj. Brezler responded to an urgent request from other Marines concerning the status of Sarwan Jan, who was routinely allowed open access to American bases as part of the Afghan Transition Team.

Brezler responded with his information of the Afghan official’s shady security and sexual background. But the major’s faux pas was that he used his Yahoo email account to get the word out to his fellow Leathernecks.

For using his personal email account, the combat veteran was initially under threat of essentially getting booted from the Corps under less than honorable conditions.

As further reported in the same Fox News article, “there is no evidence immediate action was taken” regarding Brezler’s warning that Jan was someone deserving of at least a closer eye, if not outright increased security precautions.

Still without anyone acting on the Major’s input, a few months later one of Jan’s “teenaged boy assistants” who was also suspected of being one of his sexual abuse victims, opened fire on four Marines, killing three.

Staff Sergeant Scott Dickinson, Corporal Richard Rivera and Lance Corporal Greg Buckley, Jr. were all gunned down while lifting weights in a makeshift gym on base.

Wounded was Staff Sgt. Cody Rhode. Suffering five gunshot wounds at close range, the SSgt. somehow managed to survive.

As many of us already are well aware of, the Deep State, especially those appointed under Obama, is firmly embedded in the body politic of our nation. Yet now I’m forced to ask rhetorically, is the Deep State that shameless that it could turn a blind eye to what could best be described as Satanic?

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