Opinion: Ann Coulter Is Wrong To Attack the President


I rarely disagree with Ann Coulter, having learned how sharp her wit is within 10 seconds of first meeting her almost 30 years ago. I was president of the New York City Chapter of the Federalist Society at the time and a mutual acquaintance introduced us at a party.

I said hello and Ann said something to the effect of: “Hello, I understand that you don’t think very much of certain ‘so-called conservatives’ in Washington.” You would think Ann would have waited at least five minutes before making that comment, but she didn’t.

That’s because she doesn’t hold back, which is one of her great qualities, along with her tremendous insight. But here is one thing you have wrong, Ann: It’s not good for our side to attack the president the way you have been doing lately.

Sure, like everyone else, I am frustrated that the president has not been able to drain the swamp, lock up the crooks and build the wall. But as important as those goals are, there is one more goal that is even more important, and to accomplish that goal the president needs all of his political strength, undamaged by his friends.

That last goal is getting conservative and constitutionally minded federal judges into office. If we don’t get that done no other victory is really secure in the long term, or even obtainable in the first place.

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I’ll give you an example: Let’s say the president ordered the military to build the wall months ago, without asking Congress for funds or declaring a national emergency. Obviously, leftists would have filed a lawsuit and federal judges would have decided the issue.

And here is another example: Let’s say the president tried to eliminate the “anchor baby” hoax through some sort of executive order. Again, a lawsuit would be filed and federal judges would decide if the president has that power.

And here is a third example: If the president tried to somehow eliminate or curtail censorship by social media giants like Google and Facebook what do you think would happen? Of course, a lawsuit would be filed and a judge would decide if this could be done.

So any victories the president can achieve for our side can be wiped out by federal judges who have unconstitutionally grabbed too much power but who have not been restrained — or even seriously challenged — by the other two branches of government.

That is why the most important victory the president can achieve is to get originalist judges on the bench. That is the ultimate victory. Originalist judges are the “Master Valves” that can control all the other “Liberty Leaks” we are suffering from.

Why focus on fixing the “Border Leak,” for example, if the Master Valve opens up the leak again? Why focus on the “Free Speech Leak,” if the Master Valve turns that leak into a flood several months later?

I say we need to focus on the Master Valve, not individual leaks. And to get control of the Master Valve the president needs all the political capital and strength he can muster, undamaged and imposing.

Remember, the president only has 53 or 54 (counting Joe Manchin) potential votes in the Senate when it comes to confirmations. If he loses four or five votes he can’t get nominees confirmed. He needs every ounce of political muscle to even TRY to keep these 50+ votes in line.

That means criticism of the president needs to be measured, subtle and kind-hearted. Vicious and debilitating attacks must be avoided or you will lose control of the Master Valve. Heaven help us if that happens. Without the Master Valve, the flood of totalitarianism will drown us all.

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Mike Weinberger is a retired attorney and businessman who served as president of the Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society in New York City in the 1980s. He now lives in Louisiana, where he founded the Home Defense Foundation ( and co-founded the Committee for a Common Sense Judiciary (