Police Find Woman's Body in Trunk of Car, 4 Suspected MS-13 Gang Members Charged


Four MS-13 gang members are accused of killing a woman and placing her body in a car in Queens, New York.

According to WLNY-TV, officers with the New York Police Department “saw the four suspects carry a large object out of a building on Foam Place and place it in the trunk of a car before driving away” just before 2 a.m. on Wednesday.

Officers discovered the body of 31-year-old Nazareth Claure in the trunk after following the suspects’ vehicle and conducting a traffic stop near the Nassau Expressway in Far Rockaway.

The body was wrapped in a blanket, confirming the officers’ suspicions from earlier that night, the report said.

“Police say one of the suspects, who was also the victim’s boyfriend, strangled her,” WCBS-TV reported.

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Officers arrested Allan Lopez, Jose Sarmiento, Rigel Yohairo and Rodolfo Lopez on charges of murder and said each is affiliated with the notorious criminal gang MS-13.

Rodolfo Lopez was charged with “concealment of a human corpse and tampering with physical evidence,” WLNY reported.

This is a sick crime committed by dangerous gang members who shouldn’t be on American streets.

Do you think Biden's policies are to blame for a resurgence in gang violence?

Are President Joe Biden’s border policies to blame?

Fox News invited Sabine Durden-Coulter, a woman whose son, Dominic, was slain by MS-13 members nine years ago, to speak about it Friday.

“The Biden and Harris administration, they opened the borders with their actions, their words, the executive orders right away, and sent big messages to all the cartels, human smugglers, drug dealers, cartels, MS-13 and so forth, to come on in and bring in their new, fresh blood to work in every city in America,” Durden-Coulter said.

“[The violence] is not going to stop until this administration finally admits that this carnage is because of their executive orders and actions, or non-actions,” she said.

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This Angel Mom is right.

Even if Biden’s policies are not directly responsible for Claure’s death, they create an easy entry for MS-13 gang members and set the stage for future murders to transpire here in America.

No, not everyone who comes across our southern border is a violent criminal. Making such an all-enveloping claim would seem overreaching to anyone.

However, there are bad apples in the bunch we are being dealt.

How are we to distinguish the good from the bad under such circumstances?

We can’t possibly know everyone’s intentions, just as we cannot possibly know when or where these criminals crossed into our nation, but it is essential that the Biden administration fortify our southern border instead of promoting lax immigration policies that only perpetuate this unnecessary gang violence.

We should fill our nation with hard-working, law-abiding immigrants who are invested in making the American dream their own reality.

But how many more Dominics or Nazareth Claures will we hear about while the border crisis ensues?

It doesn’t appear that the Biden administration has any intention of rectifying the problem anytime soon.

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