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Police Officer Responds to 'Emergency' After Age 5 Boy Calls 911 To Order Happy Meal


When you’re little, the world is a different place.

It’s full of more wonders and horrors, and your sense of urgency and emergency can be a bit different than that of an adult’s.

Adults worry about bills, relationships, insurance and health. Kids worry about whether or not they’ll get to see a friend or when they can play that game they’ve been pining after all day.

All of that means there’s some finesse involved in deciding when to teach your children about dialing 911.

You want them to be prepared in the event of an emergency and be able to call for help, but the definition of “emergency” can vary greatly from child to child.

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For one young gentleman from Mesa, Arizona, the emergency was food-related. He needed a Happy Meal, stat.

Charlie, just 5, clearly decided that this problem warranted the help of the authorities, according to KPNX. Thankfully for him, the cop who responded to the scene was kindhearted and good-natured, and after making sure that the situation was not an actual, life-threatening emergency, he fulfilled young Charlie’s request.

“Charlie called 911 and requested a happy meal,” Charlie’s mother, Kim Skabelund, posted to Facebook on Sunday “How’s your Sunday going?”

The mom posted a series of touching photos as the cop brought Charlie his order. Of course, the officer took some time to explain to Charlie when he should actually call 911 in the future.

“Please keep sharing the original post!” Skabelund wrote. “The world needs more simple acts of kindness.”

Skabelund also reached out to the officer’s wife and told her how much the gesture meant to her and her family.

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“This is why I married this man,” Charlotte Ann, the officer’s wife, wrote on Facebook, according to the screenshot shared by Skabelund. “His selfless acts on the job!”

“He wants to teach kids that the police aren’t just there for T-R-O-U-B-L-E. They care about people and are there for help and support!”

“This five-year-old boy called 911 by accident requesting a happy meal … well that’s exactly what he got! Share this, let’s make it go viral!”

The Mesa Police Department picked up the story from there, and it has since been enjoyed and shared hundreds of times across Facebook and Twitter.

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