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Pregnant Women Flock to Burger Joint After Menu Boasts of 'Labor-Inducer' Meal


There are plenty of women who swear by specific methods to induce labor.

When due dates are close or have been passed and there’s still no sign of baby, some moms try eating specific foods.

Others move around more than usual or drink certain kinds of tea.

Now, according to two women who both had babies recently, there’s another method to add to the list: a burger from The Suburban in Excelsior, Minnesota.

The burger is a monster of a meal, featuring peach caramelized onions, honey-cured bacon, spicy mustard, cajun remoulade and an Angus beef patty on a pretzel bun.

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Whether it’s the spicy, the sweet or something else entirely, its effect on one of the owners of the joint is how it got its name.

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In an attempt to win the local Twin Cities Burger Battle, the chef at The Suburban created a burger this past spring that one of the co-owners, Kelsey Quarberg, thought was great.

Just a few hours after eating the yet-unnamed burger, Quarberg, who at that point was almost nine months pregnant, found herself getting contractions.

“My sister, Kelsey, was nine days away from her due date with her first child and liked the sample so much that she ordered a full-size one as well,” Ashley Berset, another owner of the restaurant, told Fox News.

“About seven hours later she went into labor with her baby Sam.”

After that shock, there was no other name that would suit the newest menu addition better than “The Labor Inducer.”

It was mostly a funny family joke until months later, when the fluke was repeated.

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“We had the burger available at the restaurant all summer and that’s how the second baby was born,” Berset told Fox News.

The Suburban shared the story on social media.

“Story time!” they posted at the beginning of September.

“As many know, back in April one of our owners, Kelsey, went into labor 8 days early with our little Sam (pictured left) just a mere hours after trying our burger for the Twin Cities Burger Battle, thus creating the name The Labor Inducer.”

“Well, just last week Zac and Katy Engler came in and let us know that in a last ditch effort on her due date, Katy tried the burger and what do you know? She went into labor with beautiful Elise (pictured right) at midnight that night!”

“Sam and Elise are hopefully the first of many more ‘Suburban Tots’ when we add the burger to our permanent menu (coming soon)!”

Since more moms-to-be have heard of this burger’s potential, they’ve been beelining straight for the restaurant — up to three a day over the past week or so, the owners told Fox.

“So far no further reports of babies being born, but I doubt their first thought after giving birth is to contact The Suburban,” Berset admitted.

“So we will continue to wait and see!”

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