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Robert Irwin Goes on Expedition for Most Elusive 'and Endangered Species on the Planet': Toilet Paper


Sheltering in place has people being more active in solitary pursuits. People are picking up new hobbies, taking time to read more books and generally trying to find ways to keep from going stir-crazy.

Thankfully, we have the internet to keep us connected to all the people we can’t be around as well as an incredible number of strangers. To that end, many people have been more active on social media, posting and sharing little snippets of their daily lives.

Robert Irwin has been keeping fans around the globe entertained with the antics he’s been posting. Of course, one of the bigger moments for the Irwins was on March 25, when Bindi and Chandler Powell tied the knot.

Because of the measures in place due to the coronavirus, the couple had the choice to postpone or continue on with a very small celebration. They chose to get married, and Robert was one of the guests on the shortend list, and he had the important job of walking his sister down the aisle.

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“This is a day that we will never forget,” he posted. “Bindi and Chandler, words cannot describe how happy and proud I am that today you started your married life and celebrated love during a difficult time for our world. And I was beyond honoured to get to walk Bindi down the aisle today.”

“Even though all of your wedding plans had to change at the last minute to keep everyone safe and healthy, it truly was an emotional and beautifully spontaneous day … I know that Dad was with us, and we are all so delighted for your future as husband and wife. I love you both.”

Since then, he’s posted photos reminiscing on good times, the bond he had with his father and awesome wildlife trips. His last few posts have been a bit more humorous, a nice breath of fresh air while everyone’s on lockdown.

“My self isolation buddy,” he shared on Tuesday, posting a selfie featuring himself and a tortoise friend with matching expressions.

His next post was a video that starts off as any Irwin expedition video does: With a khaki-clad blond ducking through vegetation in pursuit of a creature.

“The Ultimate Quest,” he captioned the video. “An incredible expedition searching for one of the most illusive and endangered species on the planet. I can’t believe we finally found it!”

Viewers have to follow along, though, to find out just what this elusive creature is.

“I’m here in the natural habitat of a critically endangered species,” he says. “It’s very rare, and I’m going to see if I can document it for the first time. This is a high-stakes mission. Let’s see if we can find this.”

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Robert fords streams, climbs rocks and claws through the underbrush to find what he’s after.

“There it is! There it is! There it is!” he shouts, crouching into a crawl and urging the filmer to get down and be quiet.

“Straight through there! It’s a healthy one, too. Wow!” he says, motioning through the branches.

There, perched on a log in a beam of sunlight, is a fat roll of plush toilet paper.

“That’s amazing! … Wow, can’t believe it,” he says as he snaps more photos — but off to the right, he spots something else.

“Hang on, look over there! Look! Look! Look! No way! Even more endangered! Look at that … I can’t believe it,” he says of a large bottle of hand sanitizer.

“Close relative of this one, also critically endangered. Careful though, we don’t want to spook him. I never thought I’d see one of those.”

The suspenseful background music only adds to the high-stakes feeling, though it’s clear the whole thing is all being done in good fun — especially considering the day it was posted.

“April Fool’s!” Robert closes with a laugh. “Wash your hands, people.”

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