Sarah Sanders Reveals Special Object She Keeps on Desk for Every Briefing


Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the frequent face of the Trump administration that liberals love to hate. As White House press secretary, she deals with tough questions and an often hostile press on an everyday basis… but a surprising daily habit helps keep her grounded in that tough job.

A recent biography of Sanders has revealed many tidbits about her life, including some details that will no doubt drive the left crazy. Here’s one of them: The 35-year-old woman keeps a book of devotions in her office, and reads from it before stepping into the public spotlight.

“Before every briefing, Sanders prays and reads from a book of devotions in her office overlooking the White House lawn,” explained the Politico piece.

“Artwork by her children hangs on a board behind her desk, and across the room is a shelf with a few books, including The Christian Life and Character and Gone With the Wind,” the article continued.

It’s no secret that Sanders is a strong Christian. After all, her father is former pastor and Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, a family man known for his faith.

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Sanders may not be the first woman to hold the prestigious press secretary position, but she is the first with children.

“She’s the first mother to serve in the job, and nearly everyone who deals with her marvels at her ability to balance work and life,” admitted Politico.

That fact is often glossed over by feminists on the left, most likely because it undermines their insistence that the Trump administration is the enemy of women. In fact, the left has been shockingly eager to attack Sanders, mocking everything from her accent to her appearance and her faith. So much for tolerance.

America’s most visible working mom would probably be a feminist icon, except for the fact that she is a conservative. Frustratingly, this instantly makes her qualifications invalid in the eyes of many liberals, but Sanders remains unfazed.

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“I think with any parent, you have a responsibility to try and be a good role model for your kids,” she told the Baptist Press earlier this year.

“I try to do that every day, and I hope that my kids, particularly my daughter, can say, ‘Look, in this world, I can do anything I want to do,’ and I hope she sees that and certainly sees that you can be a mom and have a professional career as well if you want to,” Sanders continued.

Despite the hostility and stress of the job, Sanders has stayed remarkably grounded — and her faith is a major part of her life.

“A lot of times people say you need to separate faith and work, and my answer is that you can’t,” she explained to Baptist Press.

“Because if you are a deep-rooted Christian, your faith is what defines you, and I think that’s something that I try to take with me in everything I do and certainly don’t separate that when I go to work every day,” Sanders continued.

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In many ways, she’s living proof that so many of the left’s assumptions are wrong.

Liberals act as if all strong women must be Democrats, public servants must be atheist, and kids interrupt careers. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has broken every one of those cliches, and may just be getting warmed up.

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