Spoiled Psaki Reveals How Oppressive Being Called 'Nice' Truly Is


White House press secretary Jen Psaki revealed during a recent interview with the fashion magazine Vogue that she is often described as “nice,” but the reporter opined, and apparently Psaki agrees, that the word is “sexist.”

“It is like nails on a chalkboard… And it still happens,” Psaki said in the interview published Monday. “I was introduced to a foreign delegation in the hallway the other day as, ‘This is Jen. You may have seen her do the briefings. She’s a really nice person.’”

“I’m like, ‘Really? You can’t think of a better description?’” she added.

In a portion of the lengthy piece, Vogue’s Lizzie Widdicombe opined: “The word [nice] is sexist and a little diminishing, but, [Psaki] says, ‘it’s also this desire to put people in a box. Yes, sometimes I’m friendly and joyful, and sometimes I’m tough, and sometimes I’m straightforward.”

If you’re in Psaki’s shoes, you’d think receiving any kind of compliment at all would be welcome. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of an ego stroke every now and then?

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For many, compliments can boost confidence while simultaneously being humbling — living up to high expectations isn’t always easy.

If you’re a spoiled brat, and apparently Psaki is, compliments are offensive if they are not presented in the proper manner — the manner expected by someone who is coddled and entitled.

Everything is taken for granted by those who lead lives of privilege while they simultaneously convince themselves that they face nothing but hardship and bias. By virtue of the fact that Psaki was born an American, she’s absolutely privileged.

All of us are — even leftists like Psaki.

Do you think Americans are tired of identity politics?

But being a leftist is like competing in the victimhood Olympics. Psaki and the administration she represents are obsessed with identity politics. So, too, is the magazine Widdicombe represents.

(In case anyone might miss the point Psaki and Widdicombe are trying to make, Vogue headlined the piece: “Press Secretary Jen Psaki is Good At Mending Fences. Just Don’t Call Her Nice.”)

A great many Democrats are eaten up with branding things with isms and finding fault so as to become the victim of a supposedly racist and patriarchal system.

It’s as if there is an unspoken tiered system for all of this nonsense, too. That system might as well hand out cards with degrees of oppression.

The more “diverse” one is, the more aggrieved he or she might be enabled to become by fellow leftists — especially in the establishment media and the “woke” fashion media. Being non-white, for example, makes some Democratic minority Americans feel victimized. There is a card point available for those who take them based on the small things about their respective identities.

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Other aspects of one’s identity also add points to the system that decides degrees of oppression. Being female, gay, non-Christian, in poverty or suffering from a physical disability are factors that might gain points. Being male deducts a point for those who haven’t convinced themselves they are transgender.

Being white, like Psaki, also deducts another point, as does being able-bodied and coming from or earning wealth.

Psaki is not minority, gay, physically disabled, poor or otherwise “disadvantaged.”

She’s simply an average white woman. She can’t attribute the little things that don’t go her way to the left’s boogie man of racism. She can’t reasonably claim that another white woman would cross a street to avoid walking past her on a sidewalk, because let’s remember — she’s “nice,” so says Vogue.

All she’s left with for a gripe is her gender. To be a participant in the left’s system of oppression, Psaki and, in this case, Widdicombe speaking on her behalf, attributed to “sexism” that which she can take as offensive or displeasing.

Psaki only has one victimhood point on her oppression card, and she and Vogue ensured it didn’t go to waste in this absurd interview. Vogue and the face of the Biden administration used a benign compliment to portray Psaki as among the persecuted.

(It’s worth noting that Psaki in the interview never identified who introduced her to that foreign delegation as “nice.” There’s no way to know for sure, of course, but do any major White House figures have a questionable reputation when it comes to the treatment of women?)

The left can’t connect a bland adjective such as “nice” to a dogwhistle for racism, so it is being used as a gendered term. The culture of modern liberalism is insane, and difficult to keep up with. But those possessed by toxic identity politic will always find a way to signal themselves as wounded by a culture and a country they clearly hate.

Identity politics rule the Democratic Party top to bottom.

Of course, if points were deducted from those oppression cards over petulance, Psaki would find herself on the same level as many unremarkable white men — men like President Joe Biden.

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