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Tim Tebow Promises He Won't Be a 'Groomzilla,' Shares Heartwarming Wedding Plans


When you’re planning a wedding, there are a lot of details to figure out — many of which are automatically narrowed down to a few main choices because of a number of extenuating circumstances.

Many people have a budget for their big day, which means they have to set their sights on local, reasonable services and decor. The bigger the budget, the more choices you have.

While plenty of people would love to have a ton of cash to splash on their wedding, according to Tim Tebow, having a world of options before you is not all it’s cracked up to be.

“We haven’t even figured out what continent we’re getting married on,” Tebow told People. “Sometimes, having a lot of choices isn’t necessarily a good thing.”

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With his bride-to-be hailing from South Africa, the guest list and location are crucial factors. In an interview with USA Today, Tebow sketched a general outline of their current progress without giving too many details away.

“It’s good,” he said in response to a query about how the planning was going. “We’re doing a lot of work on that. It’s exciting for us. You can see it coming to fruition.

“We’re really looking forward to it. It’s not going to be too long from now. It’s going to be cool.”

He sounds like he has handed off most of the detailed decision-making to Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, deferring to her “expertise” — probably a wise decision on his part.

“She has ideas and ways to make it really pretty and she’s so excited about it,” he said. “She’s very good at knowing what she wants in certain areas. So that’s nice.”

When asked what he wanted out of the celebration, he said he wanted it to be a day of friends and family all being together.

“That will be good enough for me.” But his next comment showed what really mattered most to him: “And then whatever Demi wants. It’s perfect.”

According to the interview, Tebow had never heard of the term “Groomzilla” before, but once the celebrity learned what it meant he said he wouldn’t be one — which seems pretty apparent in his laid-back nature.

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“I have never heard that word before,” he answered. “But now that I have, I can say, I’m not going to be a Groomzilla.”

As many couples separated by distance have found, video chat has proved essential in the pair’s day-to-day lives and especially as they talk wedding plans.

“It was really the best way for us to communicate,” Tebow told People, referring to FaceTime. “We’re starting to figure everything out, but we have a lot to do.”

“Honestly, she’s such a special person. I’ll be really blessed to have her in the rest of my life.”

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