Untold Story: How a Pro-Abortion Lawyer Stole a Pro-Life Mom's Name in 1970 and Used It to Get Abortion Legalized


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While the vast majority of Americans have heard of the landmark Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, many are likely unaware of its companion case, which is arguably even darker.

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The companion case was Doe v. Bolton, and the “Mary Doe” in the case was Sandra Cano. The problem was Cano had no idea she was being used to forward a pro-abortion argument.

“Sandra went to the Atlanta Legal Aid for help getting a divorce from an abusive husband and to help her get her children out of foster care,” former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee explained in the film.

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Cano was met by Margie Pitts Hames, a radical abortion activist who saw this case as her opportunity to push an agenda.

“No one at any time ever told me, ‘We want to use you in an abortion issue,’ because that was not something that was even discussed or even thought of,” said Cano, who was interviewed for the film before her death in 2014. “That was not an option.

“And [Hames] agreed to get my children out of foster care, and as it turned out, I assumed she was with Atlanta Legal Aid. Many years down the line, this was false. She worked for the ACLU.”

Cano told Huckabee she felt the American Civil Liberties Union attorney “took advantage of her” to push to legalize abortion in Georgia. She characterized herself as pro-life, and she said she fled the state when Hames attempted to force her to have an abortion.

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“This is what’s so frustrating and angers me, that our government can use a person’s name, not the person, the name, and put it on a case to take innocent babies’ lives, and never talk to that person and ask, ‘Are you real? Is this your desires? Are you searching for an abortion?'” Cano said.

According to Students for Life, the Supreme Court decision in Doe v Bolton overturned the existing abortion laws in Georgia, which in turn lifted some restrictions on abortion across the country.

Cano said she once tried to contact Hames but the attorney did not answer. Instead, Hames’ daughter returned the call later.

“Her daughter called me back and told me why was I doing this to her mother,” Cano said. “And I couldn’t understand, what am I doing to your mother? What has your mother done to me and how many millions of babies?”

Cano said she felt Hames attached her to millions of abortions without her consent, and she said that took a toll on her.

“It’s hard, because nobody wants to be linked to a death warrant on the unborn,” she said. “Nobody wants to be linked to a death warrant on anybody.”

Cano said she was speaking out about Doe v. Bolton to help educate people about the case and what it did because she felt it was built on “lies, fraud and deceit.”

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