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Watch: Adorable Little Girl Refuses To Hand Over Newborn Sister, Grandma Dares Not Interfere


First children have a lot of adjusting to do when a sibling comes along. The beginning of their lives are spent getting used to having all the family’s attention, and then suddenly they’re not the baby anymore.

This can cause some bumps in the road as the family tries to navigate getting used to a new addition. Kiddo #1 may pull out all the stops to continue stealing the show, and be a bit of an attention hog.

Some introductions are touch-and-go at best, as the child realizes that the bump on mommy’s belly has turned into a small screaming thing that will absorb both parents’ attention.

But other times the kiddo warms up to the idea of a sibling immediately, and it’s clear that a friendship is forming.

Divine Intervention

Henley was not even 2 when she met her new baby sister, Peyton. Her aunt, Danielle Neville, captured their meeting on camera, and the resulting clip has left the online world smiling.

The video starts with Henley lying in the bassinet with newborn Peyton, who’s wrapped up and snuggled up next to Henley. The two just barely fit in the bassinet together, but Peyton seems content and is fast asleep.

Henley has one arm underneath her baby sister and looks up at her grandmother, who is reaching down to scoop up little Peyton. But Henley’s not about to let that happen.

As the hands come down and grandma asks Henley if she wants her to take the baby (it’s a rhetorical question), Henley looks right at grandma and clearly shakes her head “no.”

Undeterred, grandma tries again. “I’ll take her,” she repeats. “Cant I” — but before she can finish her sentence, Henley’s pulled Peyton closer, still eyeing grandma the whole while.

“I’m sorry,” grandma says, but the fact that she swept in for another go determined that that was a lie. “Can I take her? I’m sorry. Want me to lift her up now?”

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The big sister still isn’t convinced, and continues to shake her head no until grandma proposes a much more amenable solution. “You want to go for a ride?” Henley thinks about this option and nods.

She listens attentively as she’s asked if she’s holding onto her baby sister, but then shakes her head no again when she’s asked if she’s wearing her seat belt.

The clip of these adorable sisters has been watched millions of times and shared by many. In a few years these sisters may appreciate more space between them, but for now their sisterly love is heartwarming.

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