The 'Young Turks' Call John Kelly a ‘Coward’ Who Ushered in an Era of ‘Fascism’ in America


Creator of “The Young Turks,” Cenk Uygur, claimed White House chief of staff John Kelly is partially responsible for the violence at the southern border Monday and said “fascism began” under his watch.

“If a retired general does not understand the gravity of using military troops inside the country or understands it and signs off on it anyway, what happened on your watch?” he asked.

“John Kelly, the reality is, fascism began under your watch.”

In an interview, Uygur said Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is responsible too because of her support for President Donald Trump’s policies.

“Maybe the most important part of the story … is how fascism creeps in,” Uygur said.

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Trump “gives an unconstitutional order they resist in the beginning but then they make justifications.”

“You guys aren’t going to do a check on Donald Trump,” he added.

“You’re going to let him run roughshod and once this stuff settles in, if there is not an incredible — I don’t mean to public outcry. We’ve seen that a thousand different times.

“But consequences in the voting booth — Then you’ve got to say we’ve got to get the monsters out. Otherwise, fascism becomes accepted and we start shooting people like this at the border.”

Should Americans be outraged at an insult like this to a retired Marine general?

The Young Turks” is a web series that started in 2002. As should be evident from Uygur’s comments, it has a stridently liberal bent.

Uygur’s co-host Ana Kasparian followed up by calling Kelly a “coward” and said he’s failed to defend America when it counts.

“I also want to make note of what an unbelievable coward John Kelly is,” she said.

“This is a man who fought for our freedoms, fought for our Constitution. Right? Big military guy. Tough guy. And everyone had high hopes he would serve as a check or a balance to Trump because he doesn’t believe in the Constitution.”

Kasparian claimed Kelly has not been a check on the president. He has missed his opportunity to be a true leader, she said.

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“You could be fighting for your country right now when it matters the most and he’s not doing it,” she said.

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