Only 1 in 200,000 Sets of Triplets Have it. These Parents Just Hit the Jackpot


West Virginia couple Brianna and Alex Walls both remember the day of their third pregnancy ultrasound.

With an 8-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son, this baby was going to be their third. But after a miscarriage two years prior, the couple was worried about their third pregnancy.

But during their ultrasound, the doctor began counting, which prompted Brianna to ask what was going on.

“She started counting and she was like, ‘1, 2, 3,’ and I was like, ‘What are you counting?'” said Walls. “She was like, ‘Heartbeats.'”

In shock, Brianna immediately called Alex, who couldn’t believe the news either.

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“I was just like, ‘You’re not going to believe this,’ and he was like, ‘What is it?'” said Brianna Walls. “He was nervous and I told him. He told me to quit lying. He was like, ‘You’re lying. Don’t play like that.'”

But the ultrasound wasn’t lying, and soon, the Walls would be welcoming their new babies into the world. They soon learned the babies would all be girls.

“I just had a feeling that they were girls and I thought this is just going to be so much fun,” Brianna said. “One girl scares [Alex] so now he’s got four.”

But after the babies were born, they learned just how special their triplets, Kenadie Faith, Teagen Grace, and Raelynn Hope, were. It turned out they were all identical.

An extremely rare amount of triplets are identical, with the odds being just 0.00048 percent or 1 in 200,000.

“It’s exceedingly rare,” said Dr. Cynthia Massey. “I don’t think any of us have ever seen triplets that are identical before.”

But their parents couldn’t have been happier to welcome their “miracle babies” into their lives.

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“The thought of going back into just an ultrasound room scared me to death and that kept me thinking I don’t think I could ever do a pregnancy again,” Brianna said.

“God’s been right there every step of the way.”

And thankfully, each of the girls are happy and healthy. One baby went home Friday, while the other two are staying in the hospital until they are 4 lbs.

Now the real trick for their parents is going to be telling them apart from one another.

“We’ll have to do bracelets or paint their toes or something,” Brianna joked. “It’ll be hard. They’ll be tricking a lot of people.”

Now with a family of five, Alex and Brianna definitely have their hands full. But with a wonderful support system behind them, they know everything will fall into place.

“We’ve had our whole town right behind us praying and everything,” Brianna said.

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