How African Children React To Hearing Fiddle For First Time Could Not Be More Perfect


No matter what kind of music you’d rather listen to, there’s just something about it that brings us all together.

We find ourselves stuck in traffic, lip syncing (or full-on belting it out) to our favorite tunes on the radio or chilling to the soft sounds of background music.

It’s hard to imagine life without music. It is interwoven into our souls, taking us back to childhood or bringing back memories of another time.

Every culture has their own special connection to music. And for a group of children in Africa, a new kind of music had them dancing to the beat.

This new tune came from a surprising source. Paige Parks was visiting a village in Africa, when she pulled out her instrument of choice — a fiddle.

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The children had never heard the sound of the fiddle before and she was curious to see what they thought.

The children’s reactions were caught on camera, and they are priceless. In the video, Parks began with just one note, and the children became curious.

Soon the musical encounter was transformed into a game, as Parks played a note and the children around her danced or jumped. If she stopped playing, the children stopped too.

The musical Simon says continued as Parks played again, stopping after a few notes. The children danced as they had before, stopping until the real music began. Happy laughter intermingled with the fiddle.

Soon, Parks began to play the entire song and it was clear that the music was completely infectious.

The children went crazy for the sound of the fiddle, managing to dance right along with the fast-paced, upbeat tune.

Smiles filled every face, from the pint-sized dancers to the adults watching from the sidelines.

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And there was no slowing down as Parks continued to play. The children’s faces were aglow with wonder and excitement from one small fiddle.

With just a little song memorization and a fiddle, Parks was able to create a universal joy.

It was a new kind of music, touching their souls and creating joy in an area so far removed from many of us.

The video truly showed the power of music. It is a force that can connect us as a human race, creating commonalities in places that may seem so wholly unconnected.

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