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Animal Loving Couple Has Incredible 'Mega Bed' Built so They Can Sleep with All 8 Rescue Dogs

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For some people, pets are fun additions to the family. For others, pets are the family. While plenty of dog owners are responsible and love keeping their pets comfortable and happy, these pet parents have taken the prize for most devoted.

If you have spoiled dogs, you’ve probably experienced the same initial problem they did: You want your dog to be able to sleep with you at night, but sometimes the bed just isn’t big enough.

That’s not really a problem if you only have a small pup or two, but the bigger and more numerous the pups, the more difficult it becomes to snuggle with the whole crew.

If you’re Chris and Mariesa Hughes, the solution is pretty straightforward: You build a bigger bed. A much bigger bed.

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“At nighttime, all of the dogs want to sleep on the bed and sometimes it becomes too cluttered, and we end up being pushed off of the bed or sleeping on the couch,” Chris Hughes said, according to “Today.” “So we built the mega bed.”

In 2016, the doting couple decided to enlist the help of a professional and build a bed they could enjoy with their eight rescue dogs. Mike Ford delivered on their mega bed requests, and after six months, the masterpiece was complete.

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The frame holds two mattresses — a king and a full — that provides plenty of room for everyone. There’s plenty of storage in the under-bed drawers, and there’s also a small set of stairs to help the aged members of the pack climb up.

“I can’t get over how awesome the bed is. It’s freaking huge!” Hughes said.

“I had to make some modifications in the design and start over on the headboard because it was so large,” Ford said. “It wouldn’t fit through the door in my shop.”

When asked in 2016 if there might be room for a few more pooches on the mega bed, Mariesa Hughes said that there might be. Recent photos on their Facebook page show they’re now caring for over 17, and their house has literally gone to the dogs — but there’s a reason behind it all.

Since 2011, the Hughes have been running a non-profit called the “Mr. Mo Project,” named after one of their late beloved pups. Their website explains their mission.

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“Together they fight to save senior shelter dogs nationwide, to honor of the life of their late and beloved senior dog, Mr. Mo,” the About page reads.

“With generous donations from Team Mo Sponsors, and the amazing Mr. Mo dog rescue community: all program dogs enjoy veterinarian medical bill assistance for the duration of their life, including free transportation to one of our generous foster homes, and other great benefits.”

It’s no surprise that a couple who loves dogs this much would build a bed to rule them all. What do you think of this mega bed? Could you use one of them?

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