Antifa Terrorism Suspect Has Ties to CNN, Daughter of Chinese Businessman


After a wave of violence last week in Atlanta, an Antifa activist arrested on the scene has been revealed to have quite a curious background.

Teresa Yue Shen was arrested along with six other far-left insurgents after they took part in anti-police riots that were spurred by the opening of the new Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.

According to the Daily Mail, Shen traveled all the way from Brooklyn to partake in demonstrations that turned violent after Georgia police shot a protester who had allegedly fired at them.

In the wake of her arrest, she has been charged with domestic terrorism and aggravated assault of an officer.

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Delving into her background, it is clear that she grew up in a rather privileged and prestigious upbringing.

Her father, James Shen, is head of the Chinese publisher WiCON, based out of New Jersey.

WiCON owns Pharma China and has apparent “ties” to many pharmaceutical industries in the People’s Republic, as reported by the Daily Mail.

He claims that the company prides itself as a “family with generations of ties with the pharmaceutical industry in China” and described himself as a “strategist, advisor, and publisher” with keen insights into Chinese healthcare.

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Shen’s mother, Xiao-Hua Shen, is also a successful businesswoman who was one of the first groups of Chinese citizens sent to study abroad by the CCP, earning her degree at Exeter University.

She dubs herself a “global diversity expert” who has expansive knowledge of how to do “successful business in China.

According to the Post Millennial, this is not Shen’s first encounter with the law.

She was previously arrested while attending an anti-ICE event at the Bergen County Jail in New Jersey.

Before her Antifa activism, Shen interned at both Reuters and CNN before finally becoming a mental health consultant.

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The violence that sent Shen to jail was a long time in the making, as far-left radicals have been protesting the new Public Safety Center since June of last year.

Things came to a head when one activist opened fire on police who were attempting to clear a campsite where the protesters were holed up.

The alleged shooter, Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, severely injured a Georgia State officer and was shot dead in response.

Teran’s death prompted a “Night of Rage” last Friday, with Antifa personnel encouraged to engage in “reciprocal violence” for their “fallen comrade,” according to the Daily Mail.

This latest violence in Georgia led to the arrests of five more Antifa members on Saturday, as reported by the Millennial.

During the clearing operation that led to the shootings, police discovered many weapons, including pellet guns, mortar-style fireworks, multi-edged weapons, gas masks, and a blowtorch.

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