Cat Trapped on Top of Telephone Pole For Three Days Until Daring Rescue Takes Place


When you think of a cat getting stuck in a tree, who do you picture coming to the rescue? If you’re anything like me, the answer is always firefighters.

At this point, I’m starting to think cats get themselves into tricky situations just to prove that firefighters will always to come to save them.

And after a three day stint atop a wooden utility pole in Phoenix, Arizona, one furry feline is definitely proving my point.

The black and white “community” cat named Gypsy was first spotted atop the pole on Friday, March 23.

The 911 system was quickly bombarded with callers worried for the cat’s safety.

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After learning of the cat’s precarious perch, a local news station posted a lengthy live Facebook feed of the “cat saga” that was shared nearly 9,000 in just one hour.

Little did they know, that video would prompt a flood of 911 calls from across the country from many concerned cat-loving viewers.

Gypsy’s owners, who say the cat comes and goes, had no idea she was trapped on the pole until the Facebook video went viral.

By 11 a.m. on Monday, Gypsy was being rescued, just as emergency dispatchers were nearly shut down due to the overwhelming avalanche of nearly 100 calls within the hour.

“We love animals,” Phoenix Fire Capt. Rob McDade said. “But while (callers) feel that there might be very justified in their emotional response, we have human lives we have to save at the same time.”

The dramatic rescue was caught on camera, as a ladder was propped up against the pole and rescuers worked to lure the cat into their arms.

Thankfully Gypsy is now safe and sound at home, rescued by the kind hearts of animal lovers everywhere.

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Lets hope she decides to stick to adventures a bit lower to the ground from now on — or this cat saga may one day go global.

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