'Dance Moms' Star Drops 100 Pounds While in Prison, Shares Photo with Fans


If you’re a fan of reality television or anything that has ever graced the channel TLC with its presence, then you have most likely experienced the joy that is “Dance Moms.”

Focused on the training of young dancers for competitive competition, the show captures the drama that goes on between the mothers of the dance students and their teacher, who always seems to be doing the wrong thing.

There are tears. There is dancing. There is drama.

Seriously, if you like reality TV and you haven’t checked out “Dance Moms,” do it tonight!

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At times, the show has received serious backlash for the mothers putting their daughters into such a stressful and negative environment.

But whether you agree with the protesters or side with the “Dance Moms,” one thing seems to be pretty clear — we can’t stop watching.

Reality television these days is rumored to have scripted drama, but “Dance Moms” found itself in a very bad, real-life situation when teacher and dance studio owner Abby Lee Miller ended up in prison.

Yes, you read that right. PRISON.

For what? Fraud. She allegedly hid $755,000 worth of cash from the government.

Upon being busted, a judge sentenced Miller to an entire year in federal prison.

But where things get really interesting is what went on during those months she was locked behind bars.

Miller, who has been heavy set since the show aired years ago, is rumored to have lost 100 lbs.

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She’s dropped serious weight since entering prison last July.

Miller has been transferred to a halfway house for the remainder of her sentence, and we can only assume that the weight will continue to shed.

And we know it will be all the tabloids will be talking about the moment she sets foot back into freedom.

So, you heard it here first, Abby Lee Miller is rumored to be much thinner after her stay in prison.

Hopefully, she’s also learned a thing or two about the consequences of cheating the government.

If the rumors are true, you can bet your bottom dollar that this new look will raise Abby’s confidence higher than it already was to begin with, making for a sassier, more dramatic, and even better next season of “Dance Moms.”

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