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DHL Driver Sees Elderly Man Struggling To Cross Road, Stops Car To Offer Him Piggyback Ride


Traffic was heavy on Friday morning, May 17, in Singapore. Hambali Leonardi was waiting at a stop light that had turned green, yet nobody was driving forward.

The frustrating scenario is common and causes impatience in many drivers as they try to crane their necks around the line of vehicles to figure out why traffic is at a standstill.

When Leonardi peered into the busy road to see what all the fuss was about, his heart was suddenly touched to the core.

An elderly man had been struggling to get across the busy road, using a walker for stability and taking slow, difficult steps.

Meanwhile, a driver from DHL Express Singapore noticed the man’s distress and parked his vehicle, hopped out and ran into the road to assist the man.

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The driver quickly bent underneath the elderly man and heaved him onto his back, giving the man a piggyback ride and pushing his walker safely across the road.

“In my books, the DHL driver is a hero who went above and beyond to help the elderly man,” Leonardi later told the Singaporean publication Stomp.

“I was really touched by his kindness and felt that faith in humanity has been restored.”

Leonardi filmed the heartwarming event and sent it to, and the video quickly went viral as people wondered about the identity of the mystery hero.

The driver was later identified as 40-year-old Anson Chung, who has been working for DHL Express for 15 years.

Community members wholeheartedly agreed that Chung should be publicly acknowledged for his kindhearted deed.

“A big thank you to Mr Hambali Leonardi who submitted this post to us and has so graciously donated the $100.00 to this DHL guy, Anson Chung,” staff wrote on Facebook. “The team will visit DHL on Tuesday and present the $100.00 Ang Pow to Mr Chung personally.”

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Chung, surprised by the sudden whirlwind of attention, explained that when he saw the man, he simply wanted to help make sure he got home safely.

“I was on my way to a delivery when I saw the elderly man struggling to cross the road,” Chung told Stomp.

“The traffic light had already turned green and cars were stopping for him. I just wanted to help him cross the road safely so he could get home safely. That’s all that crossed my mind.”

“I am only doing what is right, so I didn’t expect it to go viral.”

Chung was later honored by his employer and was presented with the monetary gift of $100 dollars donated by Leonardi.

“Kudos to our colleague for showing the care and concern for others,” DHL Singapore wrote in their share of the viral video. “More than just delivering parcels, we are connecting people and improving lives.”

“We are proud to have Anson Chung, who has such a big heart, as a member of our staff,” DHL Express Singapore’s managing director Christopher Ong stated, according to Stomp.

“We are glad that he was there at the right time and place to lend a helping hand.”

Ong praised Chung as an example of how to go above and beyond the job and help those in the community.

“He is a role model to all our employees of how we can be connecting people and improving lives beyond just delivering parcels.”

Liftable, a section of The Western Journal, has reached out to DHL Singapore for comment but has not yet received a response. We will update this article if and when we do.

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